Elderly on tricycle tandems through the hills of Montferland

Over 30 residents from several nursing homes from the Liemers and the Achterhoek went for a bike ride through the hills of Montferland. Here they all biked 10 to 15 kilometers. The event stems from the Dutch bicycle racing championships that were held in the Montferland municipality last year. On this page you will find photos and videos of this ride on side-by-side tandems.

Tandem ride through Montferland
Side-by-side tandems through Montferland (photo: De Gelderlander)

Volunteers bike with elderly (video)

The bike ride started near the castle Huis Bergh in ‘s-Heerenberg and was concluded with a little wine and dine near nursing home Gertrudis. Many volunteers accompanied the elderly on the bike ride. 

Ab Salemink, who helped organize the event as representative of the nursing home, spoke to Regio 8, (Dutch TV channel) : “The biggest advantage of the ride is that it allows the people to go outside, get some exercise and receive personal attention. We can’t do without our volunteers because they are the ones on the other side of the tandem.”

Unfortunately, the bikes are not being used optimally due to the lack of volunteers. Volunteer Netty Scheerder often goes on a bike ride with the elderly and she too sees how much they enjoy being outside for a while. According to Salemink the solution is very simple: “Just go to any nursing home near you that has a side-by-side tandem and sign up as a volunteer.”

Side-by-side tandem ride in De Gelderlander (provincial newspaper)

The newspaper’s section on regional news (Achterhoek) published an article on the ride

Newspaper article side-by-side-tandem Montferland

Cycling in Montferland (video)

De Gelderlander (Achterhoek) shared a video of the ride on Facebook.

Residents of three nursing homes in the Montferland hills

Elderly who receive healthcare from Azora, Sensire and Liemerije were able to participate in a special bike ride on side-by-side tandems. The facebook comments express their enthusiasm about the event. Below the translations.

We, residents and volunteers, look back on a wonderful event. A cooperation between Montferland municipality,
Azora zorg, Liemerije, deskundige zorg voor ouderen (expert care for elderly), Zozijn and of course Sensire

Liemerij, deskundige zorg voor ouderen (expert care for elderly)
Yesterday several of our residents took part in the Dutch championships riding a side-by-side tandem. They rode through the magnificent area of Montferland and enjoyed it immensely! Each duo biked a total distance of 15 kilometers. We want to thank all volunteers for their help.

Edition 2019

The next edition of the Duo cycle tour through the Montferland is planned for 20 May 2019. Click on the button below for more information. You will be redirected to an article in Dutch.

Edition 2019
Fun2Go side-by-side tandem

Side-by-side tricycle Fun2Go

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