An adapted e tricycle from Van Raam

We at Van Raam are manufacturers of adapted bikes. We help people, who cannot ride (any longer) on a two-wheeled bike, to find a correct and safe alternative. Van Raam's bicycles include wheelchair bikes, transport bikes, tandems, side by side tandems, low-entry bikes, walking aids, traditional tricycles and also e tricycles. A three wheel e bike is especially designed for people who need extra support and stability when cycling. Find out in this article what a e tricycle is and what different variations of e bikes Van Raam offers. 

An adapted e tricycle from Van Raam

What is an e tricycle?

An e tricycle is a three wheel e-bike, i.e. a tricycle which is additionally equipped with an electrical system (pedal support). People get a perfect interaction between the support of the electrical system and the hold and stability of the tricycle. With the help of various options, accessories and, if necessary, special adaptations, we at Van Raam manufacture every e e tricycle according to your wishes. 

Stable and safe e bike with 3 wheels

Van Raam tricycles and e tricycles offer you a special feeling of stability and safety while riding. The three wheels touch the ground at all times, which gives you stability, and you can stop at any time without having to get off your bike. The Van Raam product range offers safe and stable e bikes with 3 wheels for everyone. Find out in the following section what different types of stable and safe tricycles and e tricycles are available from Van Raam. 

'We offer various e tricycles to give everyone the opportunity to ride a bike (again).'

Various e bike tricycles

Van Raam has the following different types of e bike tricycles to give everyone the opportunity to ride a bicycle (again).:

  • Traditional e tricycle, with two wheels in the back and one wheel in the front
  • E tricycles with a low entrance 
  • Comfortable e bike tricycles with very comfortable seat, low entry and lower seating position
  • Compact Scooter bike that can also be used without pedaling
  • E bikes with two wheels in front and one wheel in the back
Traditional Van Raam e tricycle

Traditional e tricycle

The traditional e tricycle is a bicycle that has two wheels in the back and one wheel in the front. The saddle is located above the pedal system so you pedal down like on a two-wheeler. The frame does not tilt when cornering on such an e bike tricycle. For some people this is a little bit of an adjustment at the beginning. With a front wheel, however, the bike is very easy to maneuver. Van Raam has different sizes for this type of tricycle, take a look at all adult e bike tricycles from Van Raam.

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E-Bike with a low entry Van Raam

E-Bike with a low entry

Van Raam has produced a variant of the traditional e tricycle the Maxi Comfort. This has a low and spacious entry and a different seating position. Instead of sitting above the pedals you sit a little behind the pedal system. This gives you a lower seating position so that you can always have both feet on the ground. Furthermore, this comfortable sitting position offers an optimal space for the movement of your knees and also puts less strain on your back, shoulders, neck and wrists.

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Comfortable e tricycles Van Raam

Comfortable e tricycles

There is an e tricycle with a low entry, a seat that has a backrest and a forward pedalling position. The Easy Rider e tricycle for adults is designed for people who want to cycle in comfort and stability. The bike has a low seating position, which gives a lower centre of gravity, which increases confidence and the feeling of safety. The comfort seat gives your back support and enough space to sit. This cycling position puts little strain on your back, neck, shoulders and wrists. In the article 'Unique riding characteristics of the Easy Rider tricycle' you can read all the special features of the Easy Rider. The Easy Rider can be upgraded with various options and accessories. Read and see in the article 'Accessories for the Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle' which accessories these are.

Besides the adult version, there is also a smaller version, the Easy Rider Small and a sporty version of this three wheel e bike, the Easy Sport. Read more about the Easy Sport in our article: 'Sport tricycle for adults'. Read more about electric trikes for children in the article 'Electric tricycle for kids'. 

Compact Scooter bike Van Raam

Compact scooter bike

The scooter bike, you can ride it also without pedaling. This bike was developed for people who have a stability problem or have alternating energy levels. With this e tricycle Easy Go you have three options, among which you can easily change while riding:

  • You can ride the tricycle by simply pedaling
  • You can ride it by pedalling with electric pedal support or 
  • You can drive with 100% electrical assistance.
If you fold down the footrest, you can use the bike as an electric vehicle. This can be done with variable speed levels. Learn more about the electric bike on the Easy Go product page.

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Van Raam E bikes with two wheels in front and one wheel in the back

E bikes with two wheels in front and one wheel in the back

For people who find it difficult to estimate the width of a tricycle , there is an e bike tricycle type with two front wheels and one rear wheel . This design helps the rider to always be able to judge correctly whether he can ride through or along something. This type of bike is also called a T-bike or trike. It is available in two sizes, learn more about this T-Bike on the productpage of the Viktor and Viktoria.

Bicycle parts and options for Van Raam special needs bikes

Possible options

All e bike tricycles are equipped with the unique Van Raam Silent electric system, which also allows the use of the free E-Bike app. Most models also have a large luggage rack. Van Raam delivers the tricycle in various formats. There are tricycles for toddlers, children and small and large adults. Furthermore, there are many options to customize your bike. Read all about our options and accessories on our options page

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