6 tips for buying a Van Raam children's tricycle

Would you like to buy a adapted children's tricycle, but still have doubts about which model? Then read this article in which we give you 6 tips for buying a children's tricycle.

tips for buying a Van Raam childrens tricycle search information

Tip 1. Find information on the Van Raam children's tricycles

The Van Raam website contains product pages for all our bicycles, including the children's tricycles. On these pages you can find a lot of information about the various bikes, such as the price list, specifications, product photos and videos. By orienting yourself well in advance on the different tricycles, you may already get an idea which bike is most suitable for your child.

Van Raam children's tricycles
tips for buying a Van Raam childrens tricycle with pedal assistance

Tip 2. Decide if you want pedal assistance

Three of the Van Raam children's tricycles can be equipped with pedal assistance, only the Husky does not. Pedal assistance can offer a solution for children with reduced muscle strength. Cycling with an electric motor requires less effort. The Van Raam pedal assistance has many advantages:

  • Smart E-Bike
  • Simple operation
  • Safe batteries
  • Cycling forwards and backwards
  • 3 modes of support

Read more about this system by clicking on the button below.

Pedal assist
tips for buying a Van Raam childrens tricycle with options

Tip 3. Decide if you want any extra options

Van Raam has various options to adjust bicycles to the personal wishes of the user. Think for example of pedal adjustments or a back support. Check the price list on the product page to see what options are available for your bike.

Tip 4. Make a test ride

We recommend making a test ride before you decide to buy a children's tricycle. During a free consultation, one of our technical advisors will try to find out which bike suits your child best. It is also possible to test several bikes on the Van Raam test track.

Tip 5. Create a configuration of your ideal children's tricycle

In Van Raam's online configurator you can put together your ideal bicycle. When you have made your choices in the configurator, you can print the configuration and take it to your Van Raam dealer.

Online configurator
tips for buying a Van Raam childrens tricycle make a configuration

Tip 6. Order your child's tricycle from a Van Raam dealer

With the configuration you can order your child tricycle at a Van Raam dealer. The dealer will pass on the order to us, so we can customize the bicycle for you. When the bicycle is ready, Van Raam will bring it to the dealer. The dealer will then make sure you receive your bicycle.

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Van Raam children's tricycles

Van Raam has four children's tricycles for children who cannot cycle on a regular two-wheeler or regular children's tricycle. The tricycles are suitable for children from 2 years of age.

tips for buying a Van Raam childrens tricycle Husky


The cheerful and colorful tricycle Husky is suitable for young children from about 2 years who have difficulty with stability. The crank has standard crank shorteners integrated, so that a child can easily reach the pedals.

View the Husky
tips for buying a Van Raam childrens tricycle with pedal assistance Mini


The Mini tricycle is a fun tricycle for children aged 4 years and older. The three wheels provide stability while cycling and make getting on and off the bike easier. The Mini is a light running bike which children can easily cycle away on.

View the Mini
tips for buying a Van Raam childrens tricycle Midi


The traditional Midi tricycle is suitable for older children from about 8 years. This trendy designed bike is maneuverable and lightweight. Thanks to the high sitting position, you have a good view of the traffic and the surroundings.

View the Midi
tips for buying a Van Raam childrens tricycle Easy Rider Small

Easy Rider Small

The Easy Rider Small sitting tricycle is designed for children over 4 years. The bike offers great stability due to the low center of gravity and has a low entry level. The seat with back support and suspension in the frame provide extra driving comfort.

View the Easy Rider Small

More information about the children's tricycles?

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