Van Raam e-bike app for smart e-bike

We have further developed our electric pedal support system, the Silent system. From the 15th of July 2020, all Van Raam bicycles with pedal support will be delivered as smart e-bikes. The extras are available in the latest version of the Van Raam E-Bike App. On this page you will read everything about the smart e-bike with smart battery and we will tell you how you can benefit from all the advantages of the Van Raam e-bike app. The Van Raam E-Bike (bicycle) app is a free smartphone app that you can use in combination with a Van Raam e-bike. This app can be used as a luxury bike computer and also contains many other functionalities such as an SOS function. The app is for all smart e-bikes and has many new functionalities such as the possibility to view cycled routes, battery advice and Find my bike. The Van Raam e-bike app replaces the web portal for users.

Van Raam Smart E-Bike Smart battery
Yellow sticker on Smart battery

What are the features of the Van Raam e-bike app?

  • Can be used as a luxury bike computer (speed, battery status, view the total cycled distance).
  • Changing bike settings
  • Sending SOS message with GPS location

Renewed Van Raam e-bike app with smart e-bike

From the 15th of July 2020 all electric Van Raam bicycles will be delivered as smart e-bikes. You can recognize these bikes by the large sticker with a yellow frame on the battery. You have a smart e-bike with this sticker. If you have a smart e-bike and you download the renewed app, there are even more possibilities. A smart e-bike collects technical data, such as battery voltages and currents. This makes it possible to send notifications if the battery power is too low, for example. Also, the smart e-bike collects location data of the battery, if you give permission for this as a user. Van Raam therefore never collects personal data such as the GPS location without your permission. More information about the data that are collected can be found in the privacy and cookie statement.

What are the features of the renewed Van Raam e-bike app?


  • It can be used as a luxury bike computer to view speed and distance, for example.
  • View battery data such as type, status, serial number, and remaining capacity.
  • Receive battery advice using notifications. To unburden you as a customer, you can indicate that you want to receive a notification on your mobile phone if your battery is low. You can indicate in the app at what battery level you want to receive this notification. You can also indicate that you want to receive a notification when, for example, the battery is too cold. You will then receive a notification with the advice to put the battery in a warmer place.
  • Change bike settings.
  • Send a SOS message with GPS location.
  • View cycled routes in the app.
  • View information about the bike (Bike information such as type, colour, motor etc., How often did you cycle, In what position) 
  • Locate/Find my bike: Have you forgotten where you parked your bike? Ask for the last known position of the battery/bike using GPS data.
  • Receive push notifications: always stay informed about your bike and decide which notifications you want to receive, so that you know when the battery needs to be recharged, for example.

*The renewed Van Raam app was launched in September 2020. A number of functionalities will only be activated if you have given your permission for this in the app. 

How do you use your Smart E-Bike app?

Download the Van Raam e-bike app for free from the Google Play Store (für Android) or the Apple App Store (IOS). 

How does the Van Raam E-Bike App work?

In the video below Maikel Fraikin, project manager ICT at Van Raam, explains step by step how the Van Raam E-Bike App works.

Smart Display Van Raam

Pedal support

If you want to know more about the Van Raam pedal support system, please visit the pedal support page.

Pedal support
Connect your adapted bike with the Van Raam E-Bike App

Connect your adapted bike with the Van Raam E-Bike App

In this article "Connect your adapted bike to the Van Raam e-bike app" and video you will learn how you as a Van Raam bike owner and also as a dealer, this can be relevant for service services, can connect an electric Van Raam bike to the E-Bike App. 

Connect to e-bike app