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Quality Labels from Van Raam

Quality Labels & Awards

At Van Raam we place the utmost importance on the quality of our bikes. It is for this reason that we possess a number of quality labels and are members of the Firevaned branch association. We are also very proud of the various awards and honours we have received in recent years.


Quality Labels and Affiliated Organisations

Quality is paramount to us. Van Raam possesses several important quality labels and can therefore guarantee quality.  Moreover, the company is also affiliated with the branch association and continues to innovate thanks to the innovation hub and Smart Industry.

  1. CE declaration
  2. ISO 9001
  3. Member of Firevaned (National Services) branch organisation
  4. Nationaal Hulpmiddelen (National Services)
  5. Code of Conduct for Medical Devices
  6. Innovar innovation hub
  7. Member of Smart Industry

1. CE Declaration

Van Raam bikes are delivered with a CE declaration.

2. ISO 9001

Quality is very important to Van Raam! We produce high quality Dutch bikes for adults and children. In order to prove that we meet all quality requirements, we are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Read more about the ISO 9001 certificate here
Van Raam has the national certification mark mobility aids

National Services

3. Van Raam is a member of the Firevaned branch organisation

Firevaned is a branch organisation for rehabilitation and mobility aids.

4. Nationaal Hulpmiddelen (National Services) quality label

Firevaned, the branch organisation for rehabilitation and mobility aids, has taken the initiative to set up an independent label. In 2014, the Nationaal Keurmerk Hulpmiddelen (NKH, National Services Quality Label) was launched.
With this label, companies can demonstrate that they do the utmost to ensure service, quality and accessibility. As a producer of custom bikes, Van Raam is a member of Firevaned and collaborates on the joint mission to build a healthy industry.

View the National Services Quality Label

5. Code of Conduct for Medical Devices

Van Raam has, as a supplier of medical devices, signed and obliged to comply with the Code of Conduct for Medical Devices

6. Innovar Innovation Hub

Van Raam is an initiator and participant of the Innovar Innovation Hub, which was started in 2012.

7. Member of Smart Industry East and BOOST Head Group

Many companies are currently involved in Smart Industry. However, only 5 companies - including Van Raam - form the 'BOOST Head Group'. BOOST is the Smart Industry Easy agenda for action and prepares the eastern area of the Netherlands for Smart Industry.

They are a source of knowledge and inspiration for other Smart Industry businesses.  They have created an agenda for action that helps them integrate Smart Industry into the corporate culture of companies in eastern Netherlands.

Van Raam Awards and Honours

In recent years, Van Raam has had the pleasure to receive multiple awards and honours, including:

  1. Tros Radar: de Warme Douche (2011)
  2. Most Innovative Company (2012)
  3. MKB Innovation top 100 (2012)
  4. Smart People Award District Winner (2015)
  5. Royal Metal Union: Smart People Award (2015)
  6. GIO Recognition GoCab (2011)
  7. Innovation Award GoCab (2011)
  8. Henk Kluver wins VW transport bus (2012)
  9. Innovation top 100 (2018)
  10. Van Raam wins the Gelderland Factory of the Future price (2018)
  11. ExtraEnergy test 2018-2019
  12. Eurobike Gold Award with Rickshaw bike Chat (2019)

1. Van Raam wins Tros Radar Warme Douche

Van Raam bikes is the proud owner of a Tros Radar Warme Douche ('Warm Shower') 2011. The Warme Douche is part of a user-submitted consumer programme on Dutch public broadcasting television. Van Raam earned this honour after Mrs. van Ewijk submitted the company at Tros Radar after she encountered a problem with her tricycle.

Check out how Van Raam accepted the Tros Radar awards:

2. Van Raam named 14th most innovative company (2012)

In 2012, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation named Van Raam the 14th most innovative company in the Netherlands.

3. Electric freight bicycle in MKB Innovation top 100 (2012)

In 2012, Van Raam's GoCab - a freight bicycle for up to 8 children - entered the top 100.

4. Van Raam district winner ‘Smart People Award’ (2015)

Every year, the Royal Metal Union awards a Metal Union member that stands out most in a particular area. The theme for 2015 was 'Smart People'.  The jury chose Van Raam as the winner in the Gelre district.

5. Van Raam winner ‘Smart People Award’ Royal Metal Union (2015)

Van Raam, producer of custom bikes, has been awarded the Metal Union Smart People Award. According to the jury, the company stands out as an innovator, stable employer with excellent working condition and varied work, social contributor and excellent collaborator with the education sector.

Van Raam

6. GIO Recognition for Van Raam GoCab (2011)

Van Raam's GoCab freight bike for up to 8 children received a GIO Recognition from an independent professional jury in 2011. As a result, the GoCab carries the 'Excellent Industrial Design' distinction.

7. GoCab wins bicycle Innovation Award (2011)

The GoCab freight bike for children has won the Eurobike Innovation Award.  The EuroBike is the largest international bicycle fair in the world, with 1100 exhibitors from 42 countries.

8. Henk Kluver (90 years old) wins VW transport bus (2012)

In the series '65-klusser gezocht' ('Wanted: Handyman over 65'), Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles went in search for the best handyman over 65. After a six-week search with over 800 entries, the perfect handyman was found. The winner was the oldest employee in the Netherlands, Mr, Kluver working for Van Raam.

Take a look at how Mr. Kluver accepted this unique award
vw transportbus winnen van raam
Mr. Kluver with his VW Transportbus

9. Innovation top 100

With the submission of the smart IOT bicycle, Van Raam finished in 90th place in the innovation top 100. In the election of the public award, Van Raam finished in the top 10.

10. Van Raam wins the Gelderland Factory of the Future price (2018)

30 companies from Gelderland have signed up for a tender for the Gelderland Factory of the Future. The 7 Gelderland companies that receive € 200,000 from the province of Gelderland were announced. One of the winners is Van Raam with the new bicycle factory.


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11. ExtraEnergy test 2018-2019

At Van Raam, we place a high value on quality. We are therefore pleased to receive international recognition for our drive systems.

We are proud to announce that our German partner Utopia Velo, manufacturer of high-quality bicycles, has emerged as the winner in 3 of the 13 categories in the ExtraEnergy test 208-2019 with the Silent drive system of Van Raam.

It concerns the categories Family, Lifestyle and Tour. In particular, the large power of the motor and the range of the drive system are praised.

71 other bikes with drive systems from major manufacturers such as Shimano, Bosch, Yahama, Stromer, etc. took part in the ExtraEnergy test 2018-2019.

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ExtraEnergy test 2018-2019
Van Raam wins with rickshaw bike Chat Eurobike Gold Award

12. Eurobike Gold Award

On 4 September 2019, Van Raam won the Eurobike Gold Award with her new rickshaw transport bike Chat. The Eurobike Award is one of the leading international design awards for companies in the bicycle industry. New and innovative products are assessed and evaluated by an independent panel of expert judges.

The Chat ended in the first place in the category LEV & (E-)Special Purpose Bikes.

The jury's comments were as follows: "The rickshaw bike Chat has an impressive quality of detail. We found it very easy to ride and liked the wide range of safety features, especially the good visibility through the canopy."

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