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Customer experience Easy Rider 3 wheeler - Mr Thijssen

Customer experience Easy Rider 3 wheeler - Mr Thijssen
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Ramon Thijssen has not been able to cycle for a long time due to his MS and CIDP. Recently he got the Easy Rider electric 3 wheeler, which opened a new world for him. Read his message to Van Raam here.

Easy Rider tricycle
(RAL 2000) Yellow orange matt
Pedal assist, Mirror
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A wish fulfilled

Ramon: "For a very long time my wish was to be able to cycle again; my biggest hobby and distraction. Since 2014 I have MS and in 2016 I was diagnosed with CIDP. Because of this, I had to sacrifice a lot, including my hobbies, certain social activities and also my job as a vascular lab technician. My world was getting smaller and smaller.

Now I have the Easy Rider electric three wheeler, I can discover the world again. With the wind through my hair and just go, without feeling limited. This brings the sturdy 3 wheeler model with it. I am looking forward to the many bike rides with my family and my father."

Ramon Thijssen - Tegelen, the Netherlands
Bike: Easy Rider electric 3 wheeler

Easy Rider Electric 3 wheeler Customer experience Ramon
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