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Customer experience Easy Rider adult tricycle - Aspholm

Customer experience Easy Rider adult tricycle - Aspholm
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When Ragnar receives the Easy Rider adult tricycle as a medical device, a world opens up to him. The tricycle is like a medicine for him, he has come to love it. Read his message to Van Raam here.

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Adult tricycle as medical assistance

"I am so pleased with the Easy Rider adult tricycle. I have been disabled for a few years now, for several reasons. When I got really ill, and the doctors explained what the result was, I was putting on some brakes in my life. It is a way of responding to defend myself. Last year I got the Easy Rider adult tricycle as medical assistance, by the Norwegian government. It has become a medicine for me, I just love it. The use of that great bike has given me a changing way of thinking, and to exercise. And it has extended my capacity and make me to dear to challenge my daily life’s problems in a much better way. Result: reduction of medicine, and increasing capacity."

customer experience easy rider adult tricycle aspholm

New insights

"My trips are often longer daytrips. So I provided and adapted a toolbox to have some tools and extra battery. I also bring some clothes, food and water. After some time, I understood that it was a new possibility, and I figured that I could use the Easy Rider adult tricycle more for daily use also. Then I changed a bicycle trailer, made some adaptions and tried to fit it for use with the Easy Rider. It works great, and it is so nice to have a purpose to go riding more often. Motivating."

Great customer service

"I have used the Easy Rider tricycle since august 2021. I try to make daytrips 1,2,3 times a week. Of course depending on my changing conditions. I also will mention that the company in Norway, with the agent in my area, isvery helpful. Great customers service!"

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Sharing my story

"I wanted to send my story to Van Raam, because maybe some others also can benefit from something like this. Anyhow, thank you very much for a great product. You make my days much better!"

Ragnar Aspholm - Arendal, Norway
Bike: Easy Rider adult tricycle

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