User experience tricycle for children Husky - Paula (mother of David)

Because of your beautiful product, David, our youngest son with light Cerebral Palsy, could participate with the bicycle parade in the district (Wijkfeest Zuidlanden 2018) this weekend. Participating is so important! The festivalparade was this year for the first time and all children had a decorated bicycle. David's Husky tricycle was in the theme that suits him best!

David on the Husky tricycle for children
David on the Husky tricycle for children

We wanted to share this photo with you. Also to see how convenient the luggage carrier can be. All ambulances, police cars and fire trucks are secured with a tyrap. David was super proud and many people along the side thought it was beautiful.

The brother of David, Tycho, has the Sturge Weber Syndrome. This is a congenital condition in which children and / or adults have a wine stain on the skin of their face in combination with other neurological problems such as epilepsy or loss of strength. The mother of David and Tycho wants to create more visibility for Tycho and other children with the Sturge Weber Syndrome. You can find her project via Instagram via @levenvantychotjerk. Tycho is also a Van Raam bicycle user, he uses the OPair wheelchair bike.

Paula (mother of David) - Leeuwarden (the Netherlands)
Model: Husky