User experience tricycle Easy Rider - Ted Philips

Through our American distributor Spinov8 we received this beautiful picture of Ted Philips with his new tricycle Easy Rider. Read more about Ted’s cycling experiences in this review.

User experience tricyle Easy Rider - Ted Philips
User experience tricyle Easy Rider - Ted Philips

Ted Phillips loves his new Van Raam Easy Rider. Towed it to Rocky Neck State Park with his Carry-On trailer. Ted's recovering from a stroke, and making marked gains with his therapy on his rides.

We wish Ted good luck and prosperity with his Easy Rider tricycle! 

Side notes:
Trailers and roof-top carriers
Did you know there are different trailers and roof-top carriers for special needs bicycles? At Van Raam we do not have trailers or roof-top carriers in our assortment. But we do know some suppliers where you can purchase these trailers. Read more in the article 'Trailer to transport a special needs bike'. 

Cycling with a brain disorder
In addition to Ted, there are many others who have to learn to cycle again after a stroke. In this article you can read more about cycling with a brain disorder: 'Cycling with a brain disorder