Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle bike - Jan Brouwer

Jan Brouwer is 73 and loves cycling on his Easy Rider three wheel tricycle. In this customer experience, he tells more about the reason for purchasing the tricycle bike and his experiences with the Easy Rider.

Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle bike Jan Brouwer
Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle bike Jan Brouwer

My greatest hobby

I am Jan Brouwer and I am 73 years old. I am married, have 2 daughters and live in Witmarsum. My biggest hobby is cycling with the Easy Rider tricycle bike. I already have 1400 km on the counter, as of March 2021. When I got the Easy Rider I had trouble staying on the road, but after talking to my occupational therapist I knew it was because of my left hand and so I started practicing with it.

Reason Easy Rider three wheel tricycle

The reason I have this bike is because I had a stroke last year. I have balance problems and can therefore no longer cycle on a normal bike. Meanwhile, cycling on the Easy Rider is much better. The tricycle bike broadens my life. I come to places again.

On the left pedal, I have foot fixation for extra support. I got the bike through the Wmo and it was recommended by my occupational therapist. He has arranged it with the Wmo. I like the Easy Rider three wheel tricycle very much and I also use the Van Raam App to read out the cycled kilometers.

Jan Brouwer - Witmarsum, the Netherlands
Bike: Easy Rider tricycle bike