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Customer experience tandem tricycle Kivo Plus – Els Ottens Seggers

Customer experience tandem tricycle Kivo Plus – Els Ottens Seggers
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Els Ottens Seggers and her husband Bas have a Kivo Plus tandem tricycle to cycle with their son Dorian. Dorian is 5 years old and suffers from the rare FOXP1 syndrome. Read here the customer experience about the Kivo Plus from the Ottens Seggers family.

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Continue cycling together on the Kivo Plus tandem tricycle

“Bas and I are both 33 years old and we have a son of 5, named Dorian. Dorian has a rare disease, the FOXP1 syndrome. As a result, he cannot cycle independently. Dorian’s hobbies are going on bicycle rides, playing with water, and playing with balls on the trampoline. He always really enjoyed cycling when he was still sitting on a seat in the front of the bike, but he has grown too big for this. Sitting in the back was not an option for us because of safety concerns. Dorian is a little Houdini and very active. Also, then he cannot look ahead when he is sitting on the back seat.

We searched the internet for alternatives to continue cycling with Dorian. My husband is really good at looking for ways to make Dorian’s life more fun or easier. That’s how he came across the Van Raam website and found the Kivo Plus tandem trike.”

Dorian enjoys cycling on the Kivo Plus very much.

Els Ottens Seggers
Customer experience Kivo Plus tandem trike backrest with belt

Advice and a test ride at Van Raam in Varsseveld

“After we found the tandem trike, we made an appointment at Van Raam in Varsseveld for advice and to take a test ride. The appointment went well. It was nice that we got an explanation about the different way of cycling and that we could try it. A tandem does ride differently from our previous bike. The bike was adjusted to our needs on the spot, and we could immediately get a quote for the complete bike we needed for Dorian, which we are very happy with. This was the Kivo Plus tandem tricycle with pedal assistance, foot fixation, and backrest with a belt.

We have discussed well with the Wmo why this bicycle is important for Dorian. That is movement, being out, etc. This is how we got the bicycle financed. The bicycle was eventually ordered at a Van Raam dealer.”

Regulated energy release

“We have had the bike for a year now and are very happy with it. How much we cycle depends very much on the season and the weather. Sometimes we don’t cycle for a few weeks, and sometimes we cycle for days on end. We usually cycle between the 10 and 20 kilometers each time.

Dorian really enjoys cycling. We hope that one day he will be able to do this independently. By using the option where Dorian must cycle along, we hope that he will eventually learn that pedalling makes you go forward. An advantage of this option is that we can give him exercise, but we can also turn it ‘off’ so that we can quickly cross the road without him resisting. In addition, it is a nice way of releasing energy in a regulated way.

We have many wonderful moments together. The best moments are Dorian laughing with a breeze through his hair. The bike looks fantastic with its modern look and trendy colour. The people in the neighbourhood are also very positive. On the way, people wave at us, and we can relax because Dorian is well secured.”

Van Raam Kivo Plus tandem trike options customer experience

Cycling backwards comes in very useful when you want to turn around.

Els Ottens Seggers

Benefits of the Kivo Plus tandem tricycle

“The great thing about the tandem trike is that we can secure Dorian on the bike and don’t have to step off the bike when we have to stop at a crossroad. The three wheels also provide stability, which is convenient considering his mobility, and you can easily cycle away.

The backrest and footrests are very useful because he cannot fall off the bike, and we can therefore accelerate without worrying. An additional advantage is that we can cycle backwards. This comes in very useful when you want to turn around, so you never have to get off. And the trendy colour makes the bike looks fantastic!

Customer experience Van Raam Kivo Plus tandem tricycle

In fact, we have not yet experienced any negative effects of the Kivo Plus. However, in the beginning, you have to get used to the way you cycle. Because on a two-wheeled bicycle, you have to keep your balance in a different way. Therefore, we first made test rounds through the neighbourhood at a low speed. Now that we are used to it, this bike is great to ride. One disadvantage could be the size of the bike. Fortunately, we have enough room to store the bike, but it is quite large to carry around. You need a trailer if you want to take it with you on vacation. However, we do not experience this as a disadvantage of the bike itself; customized things are sometimes a bit more inconvenient than regular products. On a scale of 1 to 10, we give the bike a 10!"

Els Ottens Seggers -Garsthuizen
Bicycle: Kivo Plus tandem tricycle

Pros & cons
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