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Customer experience Fun2Go duo bike – Christine Kiebel

Customer experience Fun2Go duo bike – Christine Kiebel
10 / 10

Christine and her husband have their own customized Fun2Go duo bike. With Christine as main rider and her husband as a passenger they enjoy many rides and enjoy nature and most of all they can be active together again which gives you back freedom and life quality. Read more about Christine's experience here!

Fun2Go side by side bike
(RAL 5011) Steel blue matt
Pedal assist
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Christine Kiebel

"Dear Van Raam team, I have an urgent need to write to you. I have never done this before, but I simply have to do it. My husband is suffering from severe ataxia after brain tumor surgery.''

''He is not able to steer a normal bicycle, but he has strong legs and can pedal well. I came across your Fun2Go on the Internet. Even though it was a lot of money for us, I ordered a new Fun2go from a bicycle dealer. I must tell you that we are infinitely happy with our bike. It has changed our lives."

Experience with the Fun2Go

"We can finally actively do something together in nature. It has given us back a large piece of freedom and life quality. We love our bike and can no longer imagine life without it. I would like to thank you and your company for bringing something so wonderful to the market. It is of incredibly good quality. We ride over rough and smooth and have mastered every mountain. Even though it was a lot of money for us, it is worth every Euro and I have never regretted anything less in my life. It was a matter of the heart for me to tell you this. -Thanks a lot"

Christine Kiebel - Germany
Type: Fun2Go duo bike

Customer experience Christine Kiebel Fun2Go
Pros & cons
  • Freedom
  • Incredibly good quality
  • Being active
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