User experience scooter bike Easy Go - Thea Bockting

Last year in mid-March I bought the tricycle, Easy to go basic (Easy Go)! Now that I have my bike for 15 months, I wanted to give you an update.


I've now ridden 5,000 km on this bike! An absolutely amazing vehicle. I've had so much fun with this tricycle!

Many people ask me how I feel about this bike and I always praise the Van Raam bikes to the heavens. This is a great bike for older people and those with an equilibrium disorder like myself.

I can go anywhere on this bike. I even took part in the four day march in Varsseveld. Truly delightful, I'd like to share my enthusiasm with you all!

Watch the video of Mrs. Bockting on the Easy Go mobility scooter bike Easy Go.

Thea Bockting - Silvolde
Model: Easy Go