Van Raam member number 100 milestone for Zukunft Fahrrad


Van Raam member number 100: Milestone for Zukunft Fahrrad

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Van Raam member number 100 milestone for Zukunft Fahrrad

For years, Van Raam has been striving for a future where everyone can cycle. To further reinforce this, Van Raam joined the German cooperation Zukunft Fahrrad as the hundredth member in April 2024.

What does Zukunft Fahrrad do?

The cooperation Zukunft Fahrrad is a key player in the German cycling world. The association brings together many different organizations that are significant for enabling sustainable mobility. This includes organizations involved in providing bicycle services, innovating bicycle technology, dealers, and bicycle manufacturers.

Zukunft Fahrrad was founded in 2019 through the initial collaboration of 20 bicycle organizations in Germany. With the slogan "Together for a sustainable mobility change," the association aims to strengthen the bicycle market. By sharing collective experience and knowledge from the cycling world with political entities, Zukunft Fahrrad strives for a future where cycling is at the core of sustainable mobility.

Together for sustainable mobility change Van Raam Zukunft Fahrrad

Van Raam as the hundredth member

In 5 years, Zukunft Fahrrad has quintupled in size. In April 2024, the cooperation reached the milestone of 100 members. Van Raam had the honor of joining Zukunft Fahrrad as the hundredth member. The strong focus on sustainable mobility represented by the association closely aligns with the "Let's all cycle" mentality that characterizes Van Raam. By joining forces with other organizations in the German cycling industry, we aim for a future where everyone can enjoy the feeling of wind in their hair while cycling. Van Raam is delighted to be part of this strong collaboration full of knowledge, experience, and passion for cycling. Learn more about this collaboration on Zukunft Fahrrad's website.

Developing and innovating at Van Raam

At Van Raam, the passion for development and innovation has been central for many years. By implementing modern processes throughout the organization, we produce bicycles that make a difference. Visit our "Innovation" page for more information on innovative initiatives at Van Raam.

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