Webshop for Van Raam dealers

Van Raam has a webshop where Van Raam dealers can easily order parts or an entire bike. Dealers can read in this article how the ordering process works.

Video: How do I order a bicycle or part as a Van Raam dealer?

The video below explains how the Van Raam webshop for dealers works.

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webshop for van raam dealers

Search for parts in the webshop

As a dealer, you first log into the webshop with your Van Raam dealer login. The dealer login can be found in the menu bar on our website. If you are a dealer and you do not have a login, please contact Van Raam After Sales.  After you have logged in, you can search for parts in the webshop in different ways. Namely by using the search field:

  • Enter the part number of a part, or
  • search by the name of the part (for example, wheel), or
  • browse between the categories.

This will show you the parts list of the specific bike. The parts list is an overview of all the parts that were on the bicycle when it left the Van Raam factory.

configuring a bike in van raam webshop voor dealers

Ordering parts or an entire bike

If you have found the right parts, you can easily add them to the shopping cart. There is also the possibility to order a whole bike. Through the bicycle configurator you can create a new bicycle, or you can enter a configuration code of a bicycle that you have already created. For example, from a configuration that you have made together with a customer. You can then add the bike to the shopping cart directly from the configurator.

It is possible to order multiple bikes and/or parts at the same time. However, each bike and part gets its own order number.

webshop for van raam dealers placing an order

Placing an order

Is your order complete and have you checked everything well, then you can complete the order. You do this by going to the shopping cart where all the desired items are. Here you can optionally still adjust the amount. In the overview screen you will find the delivery details of the order and again the items you are ordering. It is important to fill in the frame number when ordering after-sales items. For some parts, Van Raam Aftersales must link them to the frame number of the bike. You can also fill in an order reference and add any comments. When the order is complete, click on 'confirm order'.

Go to the webshop

Are you a Van Raam dealer and do you want to order a part or an entire bike? Then go to our webshop. Private customers can order parts or a Van Raam bicycle through a Van Raam dealer.