Video CNC-Cobot in production at Van Raam

Van Raam is continuously looking at ways to improve production processes. One example is the Cobot (a collaborative robot) which is placed on the CNC lathe. Read more about the Cobot in this article.

Video: Innovative Cobot at Van Raam

*Some clips in the video are accelerated.

CNC lathe at the production department of Van Raam

Van Raam manufactures the frames for the adapted bicycles itself. In the production department the tubes and parts for the frames are processed by different machines. The Doosan Lynx 220 lsy, a CNC lathe, is one of those machines. The CNC lathe has several integrated tools, which can be used to process tubes or bar material (seen in the beginning of the video). The lathe makes several parts for Van Raam bicycles, including the rear axles of all bicycles. In the video, you can see the Cobot removing a rear axle from the lathe. Wired Workers is the supplier of the Cobot at the lathe. They are proud to be a supplier to Van Raam. 

CNC-Cobot at Van Raam
CNC-Cobot at Van Raam

Cobot part of the machine park of Van Raam

The CNC lathe has been extended with a Cobot. A Cobot, also called co-robot or collaborative robot, is designed to work together with humans in a common work area. "The speed of a Cobot is lower than industrial robots and because of this it is safer for humans to work together", explains Jarno Messing, engineer at Van Raam. An employee can safely stand next to the Cobot and perform his tasks, without the need for a fence. With an (industrial) robotic arm, safety fencing or environmental scanners are mandatory to ensure the safety of the workers.

"The speed of a Cobot is lower than industrial robots and because of this it is safer for humans to work together"
CNC Cobot at Van Raam cleans the parts
CNC Cobot cleans the parts

CNC-Cobot increases lathe capacity

The Cobot at Van Raam removes independently parts from the CNC lathe (seen in the video at 0.14) and cleans them (at 0.17), because sometimes oil or other residual material is left behind. It then places the parts in a crate (at 0.40). In between, the Cobot cleans itself (at 0.50) and removes residual material from the CNC lathe (at 1.02). Because the Cobot independently removes the products and residual material from the CNC lathe, the lathe can run without a worker. This increases the CNC lathe capacity because production can take place beyond working hours.

CNC-Cobot at Van Raam puts the pipes in the crate
CNC-Cobot puts the pipes in the crate

Operator is deployed smarter at Van Raam

The arrival of the Cobot at Van Raam does not mean that jobs are lost. The CNC operator gets a more controlling than an executive task. The operator keeps an eye on the process and the quality of the products.

Have a look at the production in a 360 degree video

Are you curious about what the production department at Van Raam looks like? Watch our 360 degree video and take a virtual tour at the production department.

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Innovation at Van Raam

Innovation is an important pillar at Van Raam, we work continuously to improving our products and processes. Read more about the production methods, including 3D printing, that we use in our modern bicycle factory on the Innovation page.