Van Raams alternative for a 4 wheel 2 person bike

Would you like a 4 wheel 2 person bike? Then also consider our Fun2Go side by side bike with 3 wheels. Read more about the Fun2Go in this article and why this is a good alternative to the 4 wheel side by side bicycle.

fun2go van raam alternative for 4 wheel 2 person bike

Fun2Go as an alternative to 4 wheel 2 person bike

One of Van Raam's most popular bicycles is the Fun2Go side by side bike. This bike is a good alternative to a 4 wheel sice by side bicycle. On the Fun2Go you can cycle together, side by side. Because you sit next to each other, you can communicate well and enjoy the surroundings together. The driver has full control of the bike and the passenger can optionally pedal. This makes this bike very suitable for cycling with people who cannot (or no longer) participate in traffic independently.

van raam fun2go with seat alternative for 4 wheel 2 person bike

Benefits of a 3 wheel side by side bike

The Van Raam Fun2Go side by side bicycle has 3 wheels, which has many benefits compared to a 4 wheel side by side bicycle. Because the Fun2Go has 1 front wheel and 2 rear wheels, the bike is very maneuverable with a short turning circle. The bike can turn around its own axis. Other benefits are:

  • Good visibility and communication by sitting next to each other
  • Passenger can come along if they can sit (pedalling along is not necessary)
  • One person is steering, both can pedal
  • Comfortable and adjustable seats with backrest
  • No entry, easy to take a seat
  • Expandable with FunTrain duo bike trailer


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van raam fun2go with pedal assist alternative for4 wheel side by side bicycle

Fun2Go duo bike with pedal assistance

The Fun2Go can optionally be equipped with pedal assistance. With this system you can cycle on the duo bike without much effort. The Silent system has been developed by Van Raam specifically for Van Raam bicycles. All Van Raam bicycles with pedal assistance are Smart E-Bikes and can use the Van Raam E-Bike app. This app can be used as a luxury bicycle computer. The app also allows you to change your bike settings, send SOS messages with GPS location and view your battery data. 

Benefits of pedal assistance

  • The different levels of support, and a starting aid
  • Easy to use
  • Noiseless, yet very powerful motors
  • High-quality and safe batteries
  • Individually programmable pedal support for your needs
  • Forward and backward pedalling support

More information?

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