The 5 advantages of the Van Raam FunTrain duo bike trailer

The FunTrain is a duo bike trailer designed to be attached to a Fun2Go duo bike. This allows one driver to cycle with 3 passengers. In this article, you will learn more about the advantages of the FunTrain duo bike trailer.

Voordelen van de FunTrain duofietsaanhanger met meerdere personen fietsen

1. Cycling with multiple people

An important advantage of the FunTrain duo bike trailer is that it can accommodate up to three passengers in addition to the driver on the duo bike. This means that you can cycle with up to four people at the same time, and everyone can pedal. The FunTrain is great for cycling trips with multiple people. By sitting next to each other, you can easily communicate with each other and everyone has a good overview of the surroundings.

2. Safety

The FunTrain trailer is designed with safety in mind. It has a sturdy frame, reflective parts, and an optional fixation vest for the passengers. Moreover, the low center of gravity ensures that the trailer remains stable, even on uneven terrain.

Voordelen van de FunTrain duofietsaanhanger eenvoudig achter de Fun2Go koppelen

3. Easy attachment behind the Fun2Go

The FunTrain trailer can be easily attached behind the Fun2Go duo bike. This can be done using a hitch on the Fun2Go duo bike. The FunTrain has a safety coupling to prevent the bike from coming loose while cycling. Additionally, after use, you can easily place the FunTrain back in position using the foldable support wheel.

4. Comfortable cycling with the FunTrain

Another advantage of the FunTrain duo bike trailer is that it can be easily adjusted to accommodate different individuals. The seats are adjustable and can be adapted to the height of the passenger. This allows multiple people to use the trailer without compromising comfort.

Voordelen van de FunTrain duofietsaanhanger zelf remmend door oplooprem

5. Self-braking through overrun brake

Finally, the FunTrain trailer has an overrun brake, which means it automatically brakes when the Fun2Go brakes. This makes cycling with the trailer safer and easier. It also means that the driver of the duo bike does not have to apply additional braking to bring the trailer to a stop.

Read all about the FunTrain

On the product page of the FunTrain, you will find all the information about the duo bike trailer, such as specifications, price list, and a detailed description!

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