Special needs tricycle

The special needs tricycles by Van Raam are specially designed for people who need more stability and safety while cycling. Van Raam manufactures the special needs tricycles completely in-house. They are real Dutch bikes that have been produced for over 100 years.

Special needs tricycle by Van Raam
Easy Rider, Maxi Comfort and Easy Go

Different special needs tricycles

Van Raam has different types of special needs trikes for both adults and children:

  • Traditional tricycle: two rear wheels, one front wheel, high sitting position. At Van Raam we have the Husky, Mini, Midi and the Maxi.

  • Low entry tricycle: with both feet on the ground. At Van Raam this is the Maxi Comfort.

  • Tricycle with two front wheels and one wheel at the rear: The Viktor and Viktoria are examples at Van Raam.

  • Comfortable tricycle: with seat, low entry and lower seating position. At Van Raam you can find the Easy Rider Small, the Easy Rider and the Easy Sport.

  • Mobility scooter bike: can also be used without pedaling. Van Raam has the mobility scooter bike Easy Go.

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Special needs tricycle for adults Maxi Van Raam

Traditional tricycle

Special needs tricycle low entry

Low entry tricycle

Special needs tricycle with two wheels in the front Viktoria

Tricycle with two front wheels

Special needs tricycle with seat Easy Rider Van Raam

Comfortable tricycle

special needs tricycle mobility scooter bike Easy Go Van Raam

Mobility scooter bike

Electric special needs tricycle

Van Raam's tricycles are all also available as electric special needs tricyles with electric pedal support. The electric special needs tricycle cycles very easily and powerful, if you have less power yourself. The motor, battery, controller, Smart Display and software are developed by Van Raam, especially for the special needs bicycles tricycles.

Van Raam's pedal support system has several advantages, including:

  • Very easy to operate
  • The possibility to cycle backwards with pedal support
  • Three levels of support and a starting aid / launch control
  • Powerful, but almost silent motor and high quality batteries
  • Personal adjustable support, adjusted to your special need