Queen Máxima and Van Raam at Presentation State of SMEs 2019

On Tuesday October 8th, Marjolein Boezel, Financial / HRM Director of Van Raam, was invited for the presentation of the Annual Report on the State of the SME 2019 from the Netherlands. Marjolein was present to represent Dutch entrepreneurs in a panel at the presentation of this trend report. Queen Máxima was also present at the presentation of the State of SMEs 2019.

Marjolein Queen Máxima State of SME 2019
From left to right: Meiny Prins, Barbara Baarsma, Diederik Laman Trip, Koningin Máxima, Mona Keijzer, Harold Goddijn, Marjolein Boezel

Queen Máxima and Marjolein Boezel at MKB presentation

Van Raam has been nominated by the panel of the trend report as an 'example company' for other SME entrepreneurs (small- and medium enteprises). For this reason, Marjolein Boezel was invited to attend the presentation and official handover of the Annual Report of the Dutch Committee for Entrepreneurs to the Queen of the Netherlands, Queen Máxima and the Dutch State Secretary, Mona Keijzer. Queen Máxima was present at the presentation as a member of the committee After the presentation there was a short panel discussion in which Mona Keijzer gave her reaction to the Annual Report.

This reaction was followed by a panel discussion in which Marjolein also participated. At the end of this discussion, Marjolein received the Annual Report on behalf of all SME's in the Netherlands and an official photo followed with, among others, Queen Máxima and State Secretary Mona Keijzer. In addition, Marjolein had the opportunity to enter into a conversation with Queen Máxima and to speak to Queen Máxima in person.

Panel State of SME 2019 marjolein Queen Máxima
Queen Máxima State of SME Marjolein 2019
Queen Máxima Marjolein State of SME 2019
Marjolein State of SME Queen Máxima 2019
Queen Máxima State of SME 2019 Marjolein
Annual Report State of SMEs 2019

Annual report State of SMEs

For the fifth year, the results of the State of SMEs have been published. It is a trend report by the Dutch Committee for Entrepreneurship, Statistics Netherlands (CBS), scientists and experts. The Annual Report describes the current state of the Dutch economy, focusing mainly on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This trend report shows that SMEs are doing well and the Committee for Entrepreneurship therefore calls for entrepreneurs to invest now that they are able to do so. (Source: website staatvanhetmkb.nl and Jaarbericht van het MKB)

Satisfied employees important within Van Raam

Several companies, including Van Raam, have been nominated as companies that are seen as good examples. Together with the company MCM BV, Van Raam has emerged as a good SME in the 'Human Capital' category. The opinion of Marjolein is that satisfied employees can help a company in various ways and was interviewed about this topic.

“Keeping employees engaged, captivated and in the company” – Marjolein Boezel
Marjolein Annual Report State of SME 2019
Click on the picture to read the entire interview in Dutch. (Source: website www.staatvanhetmkb.nl)

The interview discusses why Van Raam considers it important to invest in its employees and how this is done. In the interview, the following is mentioned:
Van Raam believes that it is important for employees to be involved in the company’s strategy; a meeting is held four times a year about this with all employees. There are also internal screens in the factory. All kinds of news and information will be posted here so that all employees can see it.
Van Raam’s goal is to encourage employees to learn throughout their lives,  which is why we work together with various companies, organisations and educational institutions. Finally, it is discussed that it is important to keep good employees within the company. You have to listen to what they want and make then an ally in the organisation. Once this is done well, employees help to sell the company. This also helps, for example, when looking for new colleagues.

Are you curious about the entire interview? Click on the image or the button to read the interview in Dutch.

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Koning Willem 1 Award nominations SME 2020 Van Raam

Queen Máxima hands out Koning Willem I Award

We are proud to announce that Van Raam has been nominated for the prestigious Koning Willem I Award in the SME category. Companies that have shown courage, perseverance, innovation and a sustainable and proper entrepreneurship in recent years are eligible. This prize is seen as the most important prize for SME companies in the Netherlands and will be awarded later this year by Queen Máxima to the final winner.
Read more about this award and Van Raam’s nomination in the article by clicking on the button.

KWI Award
Group picture Van Raam employees bike factory

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