Private counseling at Van Raam in connection with coronavirus

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19), everyone has to consider each other, and we all have to be extra careful. Many creative solutions have already been devised everywhere. Van Raam has also come up with a creative solution so that it remains possible to come and test an adapted bicycle in our showroom in Varsseveld. The showroom of Van Raam is now open for private counseling. Read on for more information.  

Private counseling at Van Raam in connection with coronavirus

Private counseling for an adapted bike

Private counseling at Van Raam means that four test rides or fittings take place with a technical advisor in our showroom in Varsseveld (the Netherlands). During this test ride, the four appointments take place in a different part of the showroom, so that sufficient distance can be kept and everyone can comply with the measures of the RIVM (Dutch State Institute for Public Health).

The showroom will be open for private counseling by appointment. You can make an appointment in advance by phone. On working days from Monday to Friday there are certain times at which a test ride can be scheduled.  

The available times are as following:

Monday to Friday:
  • 08.30 - 10:00 o'clock

  • 10.30 - 12.00 o'clock

  • 13.00 - 14.30 o'clock

  • 15.00 - 16.30 o'clock


What does a private appointment look like?

During a test ride you will be welcomed with coffee or tea and have a seat in the showroom. All Van Raam bicycles are available here. The technical advisor will sit down with you and talk to you. In this conversation it will come clear which bike might be most suitable for you, this depends on the reasons why you are looking for a custom bike. After this conversation it is possible to test your bike and cycle on the test track at Van Raam. After the test ride you will take a seat in the showroom again and the advisor will make you an offer containing the bike and the options you need to be able to cycle properly. It is not possible to order a bike at Van Raam, therefore you can take the offer to a dealer in your area. This dealer can order the bike from Van Raam. Read all about ordering a Van Raam custom bike in the article 'How to order a Van Raam special needs bike'.

It is also possible to visit our factory again. If you are interested in this, please inform your advisor during your appointment.

Showroom Van Raam open for private shopping because of coronavirus

Van Raam follows the measures of the RIVM

We follow the measures taken by the RIVM (Dutch State Institute for Public Health).

The following measures shall apply in the case of a test ride:

  • The four appointments with a technical advisor take place in the showroom at Van Raam at the same time. The appointments take place in another part of the large showroom and extra spacious places have been created. The appointments are of course separated as much as possible in the showroom and outside.

  • You may bring a maximum of 2 other persons with you during the test ride.

  • We follow the hygiene measures. The used bicycle(s) and the table are cleaned hygienically and thoroughly after every fitting. Would you like to bring your own protective equipment? Then that is of course possible.
  • A face mask will be worn upon request.

Attention: Do you have (mild) symptoms of a cold (sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, light coughing or a raised tempreature) Then we ask you to stay at home and avoid (social) contacts.   

Have you already made an appointment and you have the above mentioned symptoms? Then please contact Van Raam and cancel the appointment. 

At a later moment you are more than welcome at Van Raam! 

Would you like to know what other measures Van Raam has in relation to the coronavirus? Read more about this in the article 'Measures related to the Coronavirus at Van Raam' or click the button.

Measures Van Raam
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How do I schedule a private counseling appointment?

A private test ride at Van Raam can be scheduled by phone
You can reach us by calling: +31 (0)315 - 25 73 70.

Contact us

Please note: Visiting the showroom is at your own risk.  

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