Photo report of Van Raam expansion in Varsseveld

Van Raam is building a new hall next to its current premises in Varsseveld. The hall will be approximately 4500 m2 in size. Read more about the new building in the article 'Van Raam further expands in Varsseveld'. On this page you can see pictures of the realization of the new hall.

Calendar week 24 (2021)

This week, work continued on the steel structure. The first fire resistant wall has also been placed.

Installation of steel construction extension van raam
placing steel construction van raam varsseveld
fire-resistant partition wall extension van raam varsseveld
placing fire resistant partition wall van raam varsseveld

Calendar week 23 (2021)

The formwork for the foundation has been removed again. This week the anchors were elevated and construction of the steel structure began.

placing anchors for expansion of Van Raam Varsseveld
Anchors for expansion of Van Raam Varsseveld
Installation of construction extension Van Raam Varsseveld
Installing steel construction for extension of Van Raam Varsseveld

Calendar week 22 (2021)

In week 22, the formwork was placed and the concrete poured for the new hall. 

Van Raam expansion placing formwork
Formwork Van Raam expansion
concrete pouring of Van Raam expansion
Van Raam expansion concrete pouring

Calender week 19 (2021)

The work of the expansion of Van Raam in Varsseveld started in early May 2021 with earthmoving.

New construction of additional hall Van Raam Varsseveld
Van Raam Varsseveld expands new premises
expansion Van Raam Varsseveld
expansion of van raam earthmoving