Measures related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) at Van Raam

Update: April 13, 2022

Van Raam is still open for a test ride by appointment. The safety and health of our visitors and employees is our top priority. Van Raam follows the guidelines of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) with regard to the coronavirus.

Test ride possible

Our showroom in Varsseveld is open for private counseling. Private counseling at Van Raam means that four test rides or fittings take place with a technical advisor in our showroom. During this test drive, the appointments take place in a different part of the showroom, so that sufficient distance can be kept and everyone can comply with the measures of the RIVM (Dutch State Institute for Public Health). This makes it possible to make a test ride on a Van Raam adapted bicycle.

Everyone may bring a maximum of 2 other persons during to the test ride and a face mask will be worn upon request.

If there are changes in this, this will be communicated via the Van Raam website.

Read all about private counseling in the article 'Private counseling at Van Raam in connection with coronavirus'.

Private counseling

Van Raam remains available

We are still available by phone (+31 (0)315 257 370) and by mail ( as you are used to from us according to the normal opening hours

Orders and repairs of Van Raam bicycles

For the time being, we still produce bicycles, do repairs and have enough parts in stock. In this time we are lucky to make a lot in-house. Deliveries, orders and repairs continue for the time being, it is possible that in some cases bicycles are not allowed to cross the border.

Don't come if you have a cold

We adhere and also request our visitors to observe the national guidelines issued by RIVM.

Do you have an appointment with Van Raam and do you have (mild) cold complaints? (sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, light coughing or an increase to 38 degrees) Then we request that you contact us and cancel the appointment, stay at home and avoid (social) contacts. You are more than welcome at a later moment at Van Raam!

For more information, visit the RIVM website.

Visit the RIVM website
Van Raam helps with 3D printed parts against corona

Van Raam helps with 3D printed parts against corona

The two types of 3D printers that Van Raam usually uses for the 3D printing of bicycle parts are now used to make parts to combat the corona virus. Together with youngsters from the Achterhoek, Van Raam started the fight against the corona virus by making 3D print parts for splash caps. Read everything about this in the article 'Van Raam helps with 3D printed parts against corona'.

3D printed parts against corona
5 reasons why cycling protects

5 reasons why cycling protects against corona

'Social distancing' is best achieved by bicycle, according to the government and scientists in Germany. You protect yourself, others and you strengthen your lungs. We have five (5) reasons why cycling protects you from corona and also give you tips to follow when cycling. Read more in the article '5 reasons why cycling protects against corona'. 

5 reasons why cycling protects
Initiatives with the Fun2Go duo bike in times of corona neighbourliness in times of corona
Photo & source: Martine Siemens

Initiatives with the Fun2Go duo bike

Because of the coronavirus we now live in a special time. Fortunately in this special time, a lot of good initiatives are being started to be there for each other and to help each other.  For example, Luna is now able to cycle again because she can borrow a Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike. Read more about Luna and other initiatives in the article 'Initiatives with the Fun2Go duo bike in times of corona'.

Initiatives with Fun2Go
protection screen Fun2Go

Fun2Go duo bike with protection screen in times of corona

More action is being taken to fight corona. By developing a protection screen for the Fun2Go duo bike, people can ride the Fun2Go together again, without (possibly) infecting the other person. Want to know more about the screen? Click the button below.

News article protection screen
Chat rickschaw bike protection screen

Cycling on the Chat Rickshaw bike with a protection screen

A protection screen has also been developed for the Chat Rickshaw bike. With this protection screen, the passengers can safely sit next to each. Do you want to know how to attach this screen to the Chat? Read it in this article: Video Chat rickshaw bike with protection screen.

Article protection screen Chat
Tip from bike manufacturer Van Raam

Tip from Van Raam about the 'new normal'

The corona crisis is slowly causing everyone to get used to a different way of working. For example, companies need to look at how they can apply the 'new normal' in their company. The aim of the 'Groen is Gaon' (Green is Go)  initiative is to use pictograms and posters to give everyone in the Achterhoek region (a region in the Netherlands, where Van Raam is located) something to hold on to, making it easier to get used to the new normal and have trust again. The initiative also helps to show visitors how to safely interact with each other. For example, Van Raam gives a tip about the use of your own laptops and Microsoft Teams during meetings, so that you no longer have to look at one screen with multiple people. Read in the article 'Tip from bike manufacturer Van Raam about the new normal' more about 'Groen is Gaon' and Van Raam's tip here.

Van Raam colouring page Easy Rider tricycle

Colouring pages with Van Raam special needs bikes

Do you like coloring that much, too? Then this is for you! In order to avoid boredom at home, Van Raam has made coloring pages with some of our special needs bikes on them. You can even win something by showing us your coloured page. Read everything in the article 'Colouring pages with Van Raam special needs bikes'.

Van Raam colouring pages