Children's tricycle Husky from 3d printer at Van Raam

'It is one of the largest tricycles in the world ever printed,' says a proud Jan-Willem Boezel, technical director of Van Raam. The 3d printing of the Husky children's tricycle was the graduation assignment of Industrial Product Design student Sander Feuler. 'I think we're going to be 3d printing more and more in the future,' says Boezel.

3d printing of tricycle by Van Raam
Prototype of Husky tricycle with plastic frame

Graduation assignment: 3d printing of a children's tricycle

'We wanted to know whether it was possible to print a bicycle frame in 3d. It was really a research assignment with no commercial purpose,' says Jan-Willem Boezel, technical director at Van Raam. Fourth-year Industrial Product Design student at the HAN in Arnhem Sander Feuler was assigned to carry out the research assignment. Feuler looked at the functions of the current Husky and which parts are important to include in the frame. This showed that the chain guard and the luggage carrier had to be integrated into the frame, so that the whole thing becomes stronger and does not break.

original Van Raam Husky childrens tricycle with steel frame
Original Van Raam Husky childrens tricycle with steel frame

Choice for 3d printing a children's tricycle

A deliberate choice was made to 3d print a children's tricycle explains Feuler. With the 3d printing of plastic you have to take into account the strength of the material. The Husky tricycle is for children aged 2 to 4 years, with a maximum weight of 17 kilos. Plastic is suitable for that load. It's a different story when you want to print the Fun2Go side-by-side tandem in 3d. Then you have to look at other techniques.

dddrop rapid one 3d printer van raam

Large 3d printer: Dddrop Rapid One

The frame of the children's tricycle was printed with a large FDM 3d printer. Regular 3d printers are usually 200 by 200 by 200 millimeters. The Dddrop Rapid One, on the other hand, has a size of 750 by 600 by 750 millimeters. This printer was supplied by CAD2M.

3D printing Husky childrens tricycle Van Raam

3d printing of Husky big success

Feuler is very pleased with the 3d printed bicycle frame. 'There has never been a children's tricycle 3d printed before. The fact that we were able to achieve this result in such a short time is just fantastic!' Boezel fully agrees: 'Sander has really created something special and world-class. It is really unique that you can print the frame of a tricycle in one go.' The intention is that in the future the Husky will actually be printed in 3d. For this, research still needs to be done. For example, there are no regulations yet on which a 3d printed bicycle must comply.

van raam bicycle parts printing with 3d printer

3d printing of bike frames in the future

Boezel thinks that Van Raam will apply 3d printing more and more in the future. 'Probably we will use different techniques per bike, because you have to deal with the strengths of the material. Perhaps we will use carbon for high-end bikes and plastic for children's bikes.' However, the technical director sees the biggest future for printing parts for bikes. In recent years, Van Raam has already printed several parts for their bikes. Read more about this in the article 'Bicycle parts from the 3d printer at Van Raam'.

3d printing bicycle frame at van raam

Innovation important pillar at Van Raam

Van Raam believes it is important to keep innovating. The 3d printing of bicycle frames is an example of this. Boezel: 'By using 3D printers, you can make a bicycle locally, custom-made and also by piece. This means you don't need stock, it's more sustainable and it gives you the opportunity to make customer-specific adjustments.' Are you curious about other innovative techniques within Van Raam, click on the button below.

Innovation at Van Raam

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