7 differences between the 2nd and 1st generation Fun2Go duo bike

The Fun2Go 2 is the second generation of the Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike. There are some important differences between the Fun2Go 2 and its predecessor, which have considerably improved it compared to its predecessor. Discover the 7 biggest differences in this article.

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7 differences between 2nd and 1st generation Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike
Left: Fun2Go 2, right: Fun2Go 1

7 biggest differences between the Fun2Go 2 and Fun2Go 1 duo bikes

1. Ergonomics

Extensive research has been carried out among our customers, Van Raam dealers, and our own staff to improve the ergonomics of the duo bike. The position of the handlebars has been optimized, and the seat has been adapted to a seat whose sitting position and seat depth are adjustable. This gives cyclists a more stable and comfortable riding experience.

2. Design

Another notable difference between the Fun2Go 1 and Fun2Go 2 is the design. The Fun2Go 2 has a modern and sleek design with a fresh look. This duo bike has the standard color (RAL 5018) turquoise blue matt and has several optional colors. There are many black accents, such as the hub, rims, and handlebars.

The chain guard and other rotating parts are shielded. This not only makes the bike safer but also attractive to look at. The Van Raam Fun2Go 2 duo bike also has wide bicycle tires. These are sturdy tires with a good anti-leak rating.

7 differences between 2nd and 1st generation Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike seat
Left: Fun2Go 2, right: Fun2Go 1

3. Seat

The Fun2Go 2 duo bike has an improved seat compared to the two types of seats of the Fun2Go 1. The seats of the Fun2Go 2 are ergonomically designed and offer more comfort and support while cycling. Moreover, the seat and seat depth of the Fun2Go 2 are adjustable, so they can be adapted to the individual needs of the driver and passenger. The seat is water-repellent and can withstand different weather conditions.

The comfortable backrest of the Fun2Go 2 is made of nylon mesh, making it breathable and water-resistant. In addition, the backrest supports the entire back.

7 differences between 2nd and 1st generation Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike basket
Left: Fun2Go 2, right: Fun2Go 1

4. Basket

The Fun2Go 2 comes standard with a basket at the front of the bike. This gives you a good view of your groceries and other valuables. When it's time for a short break while cycling, you can stay seated and grab your lunch and drink from the basket. The volume of the basket on the Fun2Go 2 is the same as the volume of the basket on the Fun2Go 1, which is located on the rear of the bike.

It is optional to have a luggage frame for a bicycle bag installed at the rear of the duo bike.

5. Drive system

Standaard is de Fun2Go 2 duo fiets uitgerust met 8 versnellingen voor zowel de bestuurder en de bijrijder, waardoor ze samen in dezelfde versnelling kunnen fietsen. Dit is een verbetering ten opzichte van de Fun2Go 1, waarbij de bestuurder standaard 8 versnellingen heeft en de bijrijder in een vaste versnelling moet fietsen (vrijloop). 

Daarnaast is het nog mogelijk om bij de Fun2Go 2 te kiezen voor een dubbele 8 versnellingsnaaf of een schakelnaaf. Lees hier meer over in het artikel ‘Aandrijving van de Van Raam Fun2Go duofiets’. Ook kan er gekozen worden voor bergverzet.

7 differences between 2nd and 1st generation Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike options and accessories
Left: Fun2Go 2, Right: Fun2Go 1

6. Options and accessories

The Fun2Go 2 has a number of new options and accessories, such as a rear bumper, fixation vest, and a seat cushion. Another new addition is a universal insertion adapter at the back of the Fun2Go. Thanks to this adapter, you can easily switch between different options, such as a walker holder preparation or a holder for a foldable walker.

There are also optimized options and accessories available for the Fun2Go 2, such as the direction indicator, footplate, and armrests, which are specially designed for this bike.

View all options and accessories for the Fun2Go on the price list on the product page or via the online configurator.

7 differences between 2nd and 1st generation Van Raam Fun2Go duo bike pedal assistance
Left: Fun2Go 2, right: Fun2Go 1

7. Optional pedal assistance

Just like with the Fun2Go 1, it is also possible to choose an electric duo bike with pedal assistance for the Fun2Go 2. With the Fun2Go 2, the battery is removable from the back. Additionally, a Fun2Go 2 with pedal assistance comes standard with a different, improved Silent smart display. With this, you can easily operate the pedal assistance through the information screen on your handlebars with two buttons and the button module on your handlebar with four buttons. An external charging point can be chosen in the backrest to charge the battery. This way, the battery can be charged via an easily accessible charging point without having to remove the battery from the duo bike.

Overview differences between Fun2Go 1 and Fun2Go 2

  Fun2Go 1 Fun2Go 2
Ergonomics Stable and comfortable Optimized ergonomics. Even more stable and comfortable riding experience
Design Few shielded parts. Less sleek. Standard color: (RAL 5011) Steel blue matt Modern and sleek, many shielded parts. Standard color: (RAL 5018) Turquoise blue matt with black accents
Seat Multiple types of seats. Partially adjustable 1 type of seat (optimized and very comfortable). Adjustable seat/seat depth
Brakes Disc brakes on rear wheels Disc brakes on all wheels
Standard basket On the back of the bike On the front of the bike
Standard drive system Driver 8-speed, passenger fixed speed (freewheel) 8-speed for both the driver and the passenger
Chain No automatic chain tensioning system Automatic chain tensioning system
Options Many options available Even more new and updated options
Pedal assistance Smart display. Battery removable from the front Silent smart display. Battery removable from the back
Turning radius 3.1 meters 2.5 meters

Trying out the Fun2Go duo bike during a test ride

Interested in the Fun2Go 2? You can try it out for free at Van Raam in Varsseveld. Will we see you soon? It is also possible to take a test ride at some Van Raam dealers. See which dealer is closest to you and ask about the possibilities.

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More information about the Fun2Go duo bike?

On the product page of the Fun2Go 2, you can find more information about the Van Raam Fun2Go. For example, you can view photos, videos, technical specifications, customer experiences, and the price list.

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