5 benefits of the Easy Sport Small recumbent trike

The Easy Sport Small is a recumbent trike with under-seat steering from Van Raam. Discover in this article what benefits this bike offers.

5 benefits of the van raam Easy Sport Small recumbent trike

Easy Sport Small recumbent trike

The Easy Sport Small recumbent trike is for children and small adults with an inner leg length of approximately from 47 cm to 73 cm. This corresponds to persons with a body height of approximately 132 cm to 150 cm. Read on quickly and find out the main benefits of this bike.

1. Less stress on back, neck, shoulders and wrists due to under-seat steering

The Easy Sport Small has a sporty under-seat steering that you can easily hold with relaxed arms. The under-seat steering creates a cycling position that puts less stress on the back, neck, shoulders and wrists.

van raam easy sport small recumbent trike seat with back support

2. More comfort thanks to suspension and seat

The seat of the Easy Sport Small is very comfortable and has a special back support. The frame of the recumbent trike is equipped with suspension which results in perfect riding comfort. This also makes the bike suitable for sportier bike rides.  

3. Easy to get on and off 

The unique frame of the Easy Sport Small has a low entry level. In combination with the parking brake, this makes it easy to get on and off the bike. By fixing the parking brake, the recumbent tricycle cannot roll away. On the Easy Sport Small you have a stable and low sitting position, because the center of gravity of the bike is lower than on regular (tricycle) bikes.

van raam easy sport small with optional pedal assist

4. Fits through a normal doorway

The Easy Sport Small is 77 centimeters wide and therefore fits through a normal doorway. This is very convenient when you want to store the recumbent trike in a shed, for example.  

5. Pedal assist possible (smart e-bike) 

It is possible to equip the Easy Sport Small with pedal assist. The bike will be equipped with Van Raam's Silent system. This system is specially developed by Van Raam for adapted bicycles and has several benefits:

  • Smart e-bike including smart e-bike app
  • 3 different levels of support, and a starting aid
  • Easy to use
  • Forward and backward pedalling support
  • Individually programmable pedal support for your needs

Read more about the Silent system by clicking the button below.

Pedal assist

More information about the Easy Sport Small?

Would you like more information about this recumbent tricycle? Then check out the product page of the Easy Sport Small. Here you can find product pictures, specifications and a product video. It is also possible to contact Van Raam and ask your question. You can reach us in the following ways: