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Customer experience walking aid City - Jackie Zimmerman

Customer experience walking aid City Van Raam Jackie Zimmerman
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Via Healthcentral, a well-known American website about health, we came across an article about our City walking aid. In this article, Jackie Zimmerman, experience expert, compares our walking aid with the threewheeler Alinker walking aid. Jackie says that these walking aids are an excellent option for people with (a starting form of) Multiple Sclerosis. With the walking aid you can easily walk more and further. Read in this customer experience the experiences of Jackie about the walking aid City.

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Trying out walking aids

When I first saw Selma Blair posting about the Alinker walking bike on Instagram, I thought: That’s really cool…but not for me. I have multiple sclerosis, too, but my walking is fine. My legs are fine. I don’t use any other devices to get around. Why would I need one of these? But Selma kept talking about it, and I kept thinking about it. Could I do more or go farther if I did have assistance?

During my search for a suitable walking aid I came across the Alinker by Barbara Alink and the City walking aid by Van Raam. Apart from these two walking aids, I could not find anything comparable. I was very curious how the walking bikes are, so I started testing quickly.

On the Healthcentral website you can read the full article Jackie wrote: ‘Do You Need a Walking Bike in Your Life?’. 

The Van Raam is really fun to ride, and when I was on my own, I’d fly down sidewalks with ease.

Jackie Zimmerman

Design walking aid City

Van Raam’s Walking Support Bike looks like a traditional bicycle with two wheels minus the pedals. The bike has low support bars on the frame, which makes getting on easy. There’s no need to lift your legs to get settled. You can adjust the seat and handlebars to your height. I found that it took some time to get the handlebars and seat adjusted properly, but once I did it was quite a comfortable ride. The bike is very compact, making it an ideal tool to take with you many places; however, because it looks like a regular bicycle, you’ll probably have to explain why you’re using it to cruise into public places.

Usability City walking aid

The Van Raam city walking aidis really fun to ride, and when I was on my own, I’d fly down sidewalks with ease. But because you do need a certain amount of speed to maintain your balance (just like you do on a standard bike), walks with my husband were harder. Riding with a friend who jogs would probably work better if you want some company. Like the Alinker, this bike was also great on paved paths, gravel and mud, and I found it very easy to maneuver going up and down hills. The more I ride this bike the more I like it. With its slim profile, it’s great for sidewalks or in busy areas. That said, if you’ve got balance issues, the two-wheeled design is going to be tough.

 At 19 pounds, the bike is easy to maneuver, especially when the back wheel is folded in, cutting the length almost in half and making it incredibly portable. I had no problem picking it up and taking it in and out of my house or car, but in its folded state it doesn’t stand up very well on its own, making it a bit cumbersome to store.

What I loved about the City walking aid

  • It was very fun to ride

  • Very compact, easy to carry

  • Easy to maneuver through a shopping street

  • It comes with an adorable bell

What I wish the City walking aid had

  • A more stable standing position when folded

  • A guide to help you find the best handlebar/seat height*


After using both the Alinker and the Van Raam Walking Support Bike, I realized that these are both definitely for me— or anyone else living with MS who still has use of their legs but may need a bit more support than a cane or walker can offer. It felt so good to be able to keep up with those around me, and honestly, both bikes look so cool. People are curious about them and ask questions, which helps open up the conversation about mobility aids in general and blast through those stereotypes. If you find yourself a little tired after a long walk, or sitting out of activities in the sun, either of these bikes would be a great way to keep you out and about interacting with the world.

Jackie Zimmerman - United States of America
Type: City walking aid

* : The correct saddle and handlebar height is different for everyone. Due to certain limitations, a handlebar is lower in some cases than in others. A fixed height therefore does not exist. Therefore, always let the dealer advise you, they can tell you what the correct saddle or handlebar height is for you.

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