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Customer experience City walking aid – Barbara Beltle

Customer experience City walking aid Barbara Beltle Van Raam
9 / 10

Barbara has an innate hip malformation and therefore needed Van Raam’s City walking aid. Now she is able to walk long distances together with her husband again. Read here more about her experiences.

City Walking aid
(RAL 7026) Granite gray
1 December 2022 purchased
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About Barbara

The 69-year old Barbara from Mosbach (Germany) is since December 2022 with the City walking aid on the road. Before, Barbara happily cycled long routes, but because of an innate hip malformation that is no longer possible. Particularly getting on and off the bike was difficult for Barbara. That is why she started looking for alternative mobility and during a test ride she tried the walking aid successfully. With the City from Van Raam, she is always in touch with the ground, which makes her enjoy moving in the open air again.

Everywhere on the road with the walking aid

The City walking aid can be used in different environments. Barbara explains: “Especially in parks I use my walking aid. There, I walk long distances with my husband. Recently I walked 9 kilometers! The City gave me day-to-day mobility again.”

“Not only outside, but also at home the walking aid is a practical solution for me. Because of the maneuverability of the City, I can move freely in my house. Moreover, I take the walking aid easily with me in my car, as it is small and handy. Only an extra parking option for transport in the train could improve the City. In general, however, I am really satisfied with the walking aid.”

Positive reactions

When Barbara is on the road, she receives many positive reactions of others: “Many people from my generation give me compliments for my walking aid and ask me where you can buy it. Children stop for a second and are amazed when they see me!” Barbara herself assesses the walking aid positively as well and grades the City with a 9/10.

Barbara Beltle - Mosbach (Germany)

Bike: City walking aid

Pros & cons
  • In touch with the ground
  • Daily mobility
  • Challenging to transport in the train when folded
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