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After Sjanie suffers a cerebral hemorrhage, she becomes visually impaired and riding a bike or a car independently is no longer an option for her. Partner Ton tells more about their quest to be able to go out again.

Two seater tricycle Fun2Go Van Raam Verdult
Two seater tricycle Fun2Go Van Raam Verdult

Cycling after a stroke

"It is a great relief to be able to ride a bike again. Unfortunately, my wife has had a cerebral hemorrhage (stroke), which has made her partially sighted and cycling and driving a car is no longer an option. When the weather is nice, we cycle an average of 25 km. With the disengagement hub, my wife can decide for herself whether she wants to pedal along or not. A little exercise and seeing the surroundings brings a person out of her isolation.

We have been to the showroom in Varsseveld to try a tandem, but that did not work for us. Eventually we were able to test a Fun2Go two seater tricycle via Van Raam dealer Medipoint in Roosendaal and this suited us better. We are very happy that we can go out together again."

Ton and Sjanie Verdult - Roosendaal, the Netherlands
Bike: two seater tricycle Fun2Go