For extra safety while riding a bike, it sometimes may be necessary to use belts. Depending on the type of bike, there are four types of belts for adults and/or children to choose from: the hip belt, the four-point belt, the five-point belt or the backrest with belt.

Hip belt Fun2Go Van Raam
Van Raam Fun2Go hip belt
Option back support with belt Van Raam tandem
Van Raam tandem option back support with belt
Backrest with belt tandem Van Raam
Van Raam four-point belt
Van Raam four points belt
Van Raam five-point belt
Five-point belt Van Raam bike

You can order a belt at your Van Raam dealer

Would you like to order a belt for your Van Raam bike? This can be done through your local Van Raam dealer. Take a look at the dealer page and find your dealer.

Dealer page

Which belt is suitable for which Van Raam bike?

As indicated, there are four types of belts. See below which bike is compatible with which seatbelt:

  • Hip belt: Easy Rider Small (Junior), Easy Rider, Fun2Go, FunTrain, Easy Go. The rickshaw bike Chat has the hip belt as standard.
  • Four-point belt: Easy Rider Small (Junior), Easy Rider, Easy Sport, Easy Sport Small, OPair, Fun2Go, FunTrain, Easy Go.
  • Five-point belt: OPair, Fun2Go, FunTrain.
  • Backrest with belt: Husky, Mini, Midi, Maxi, Maxi Comfort, Viktoria, Viktor, Twinny, Twinny Plus, Kivo, Kivo Plus.
View all bicycles here.

Put together your own Van Raam bike with belts

It is possible to put together your own bike with the online configurator on the website. In this way, your bike has exactly the options you need. You can also choose a belt in the configurator.

Put together your bike

Customer experiences about Van Raam bikes with belts

There are many Van Raam customers who use belts for extra safety while cycling. Take a look at some experiences below:

Twinny tandem

"Participate is the magic word. Also in traffic. Koen has Down's syndrome and very low muscle tension, which is why we have been using Van Raam's bicycles for years."

Eugène te Wildt - ‘s-Heerenberg

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Mini tricycle

"Although Duncan is in a wheelchair, he is just as happy as his peers and wants to be part of it as much as any other child. That's why he has a Mini tricycle."

Mother of Duncan - Gorinchem

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Kivo tandem

"Steven Boers (15) has down syndrome and lives in Zwolle, together with his parents and brothers. The Boers family is very active and they like to go out with the Kivo child parent tandem."

Family Boers - Zwolle

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Options for your bike

See the overview on the options page and see many chosen options for Van Raam bicycles.