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walking aid

Next to tricycles, tandems and wheel chair bicycles we, at Van Raam, manufacture the walking support City, also known as the walking aid.

Walking support bicycle

The City walking support is designed for persons who experience difficulty walking or have trouble standing up for longer periods of time. Van Raam’s walking support offers an alternative to a wheelchair, Zimmer frame, crutches or a cane.

Wadlopen with the walking support

It proved to be an alternative for Marion Bartels who took her walking support with her to the Waddenzee. (Netherlands)

“Dear people at Van Raam, I wanted to show you this photo. What a great product. It even allows me to ride on mudflats, as long as the surface is solid. Yours sincerely, Marion Bartels.”
Of course we were very curious about Mrs. Bartel’s experience with wadlopen on the walking support, so we asked for her story.

“I would really love for the walking support to receive more attention. Due to a chronic fatigue I have very little energy left and can only walk a few hundred meters and cannot stand up for long periods of time. I’ve had the walking support for 3 years now and I use it daily. I use a wheelchair whenever I’m on the road for a longer period of time. I was on my way to the Waddenzee with a ‘Volendammer kwak’ (type of boat) together with members of my choir Nada Brahma. Our captain sailed us to Engelsmanplaat and we waited until low tide. It was an extraordinary experience to see the water retreat, the crabs leave and the bottom of the sea appear slowly. My travel companions went wadlopen, something I loved doing before I got sick. We had brought the walking support to try and see if it was possible to ride it on the mudflats, which it was. It was a little difficult, but there were people who could push me. 

walking aid
Photo: Mrs. Bartels on the walking support. (color: ocean green)The walking support is equipped with a quick release on the handle bars

What an amazing experience to ‘walk’ here again, thanks to the walking support

Mrs. Bartels

Want to know more about the City walking support/bicycle for adults? Read the City walking support product page


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