The Van Raam City walk support is a helpful tool


Walking aid City is a helpful tool

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The Van Raam City walk support is a helpful tool

The walk support City is a walk bicycle for adults and is used as a tool for people who experience difficulty walking or standing for long periods of time. Unfortunately, Van Raam’s special walk bicycle is often seen as a leisure bike and not as a tool.

Walk support City is a tool just like a rollator

Mrs. Drost experienced at first hand that not everyone and not every organization thinks of this walk support as a tool. The 71-year-old Marthy wanted to book a bus trip and mentioned that she wanted to bring her walking support. The travel agency would not allow her to take it on the bus.

Even when Marthy emphasized that the walking support is her tool and that because of arthrosis, a rheumatic disorder, she cannot do without, the agency refused. Marthy shared her story with the TV show ‘Hello Netherlands’ (Hallo Nederland).

The Van Raam City walk support is a helpful tool

Thanks to the walk support, the weight of Marthy’s body no longer presses on her sore ankles, but is instead carried by the bicycle. What’s more, the bicycle is very agile and collapsible so it can easily be taken along. Unfortunately for Marthy the walking support was not allowed on the bus and she had to find a different solution.

Tips for all users of the walk support

Unfortunately the walking support is not as well known as the Zimmer frame or the rollator, which is why this ‘bicycle’ without pedals is often seen as a leisure bike and not as a tool.

A tip we received from other users of Van Raam’s walking support City is to stick a sticker with the wheelchair symbol to the City to show that it is really meant to be a tool. Curious about this special walking support? View all information on this product on the walk support City product page.

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