Duobike trailer FunTrain Van Raam


Video Fun2Go side-by-side tandem + FunTrain trailer

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Duobike trailer FunTrain Van Raam

In this article, we will introduce you to an instructional video with the FunTrain side-by-side tandem bike trailer. The combination Fun2Go and FunTrain means more riders and more fun!

Cycle train: Fun2Go + FunTrain trailer

The FunTrain is an automatic, hydraulic braked double rider cycle trailer, which can be attached behind an existing or new Fun2Go side by side bike (with towbar). The driver is the only one who steers and brakes, all the four riders can pedal along.

Video electric Fun2Go side by side tandem + FunTrain cycle trailer

In the instructional video below, you can see:

  • Connecting the FunTrain Trailer to the Fun2Go tandem with the safety coupling.

  • One driver + 3 passengers: The driver is in full control of the whole bike.

  • Powerful electric pedal support (motor) with 3 support levels and starting aid/launch control.

  • Reverse cycling possible

Learn more about Van Raam's FunTrain trailer? View all information on FunTrain's page.

Bike for 4 people

The FunTrain trailer is very suitable for (care) institutions, homes, living groups and other environments where supervisors together with clients or residents want to make a bike-trip. A supervisor can then get along bike riding with 3 residents / elderly / clients.

Test ride Fun2Go and FunTrain

Are you interested in the Fun2Go side by side tandem and FunTrain or in one of our other special needs bikes and you want to make a test ride? Please call us on 0031-315 257370 and make an appointment in our showroom in Varsseveld (Netherlands) and one of advisors will help you. You can also contact one of our Van Raam dealers in Europe or the USA. 

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Duobike trailer FunTrain Van Raam

It is also possible to cycle without the FunTrain trailer, so only with the Fun2Go side by side tandem. Check out the Fun2Go instructional video below.

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