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Tricycles for all ages

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Tricycles for all ages Van Raam

Van Raam boasts a wide range in tricycle choices for all ages. Our collection begins with the Husky, the smallest trike in our collection and perfects for toddlers. For seniors or persons with limited physical abilities, Van Raam has the Easy Go scooter trike. Enjoy additional ease with its incorporated bike and electronic bike functions as well as the electric drive function. Numerous other models and tricycle types are also available, all of which are designed and manufactured by Van Raam in Varsseveld, The Netherlands.

Which single person tricycle is the best?

At Van Raam we produce single person tricycles with one wheel in front and two at the rear, seated tricycles, recumbent tricycles and tricycles with two wheels at the front and one at the rear. All Van Raam tricycles, with the exception of the smaller trikes, can be supplied with (electric) pedal support power assistance. Retrofitting a motor is also possible at Van Raam.

Tricycles models Van Raam

Selecting the right tricycle depends on personal preference. It’s advisable to test different models before you purchase one in order to see which one best suits your needs. Looking to make a test drive? Or require additional information on the various tricycles we have to offer? Contact us to make an appointment at our showroom in The Netherlands. Our models are also found in several dealerships throughout Europe including Germany. A full list can be found on the Van Raam dealership page.

Additional features and accessories for your tricycle

Every individual is unique and has different needs. It is for this reason that Van Raam tricycles can be configured for each customer. We have dozens of features for each tricycle so you can assemble it according to your specifications. Think of frame colour, electric motors for extra cycling ease and plenty of accessories such as mirrors, baskets, footrests, cane holders, saddles and much more. Configuring a tricycle to your wishes is easy with the Van Raam configurator.

Students and the perfect tricycle

What should a tricycle for children between 12 and 16 actually look like? This pivotal question was central in the tricycle project for HAVO/VWO Technasium students from the Ulenhof College in Doetinchem. Close to 300 students visited Van Raam recently where they were busy brainstorming on what a tricycle aimed for a younger audience should look like and which accessories and gadgets it must be equipped with. As a starting point, they were allowed to choose between three different Van Raam tricycles:

  • Maxi: a conventional and balanced tricycle with 1 wheel in front and 2 at the rear, the seat is situated right above the crankshaft.       

  • Easy Rider: a comfortable tricycle with a deluxe seat and uniquely designed frame. Forward pedalling is attained as a result of its low centre of gravity. 

  • Easy Sport: a sporty recumbent tricycle with handlebars situated on either side of the seat.

Maxi tricycle for all ages Van Raam
Easy Rider tricycle for all ages Van Raam
Easy Sport tricycle for all ages Van Raam

During the visit to Van Raam, students were given a tour on the factory floor and were able to try and test various tricycle models as well as other Van Raam bicycles. With the help of self-composed mood boards, they conveyed their ideas for the perfect tricycle to Technical Director Jan-Willem Boezel , Research & Development manager Jolien Heeman and Design Engineer Oliver Davina 

Almost all students unanimously agreed on 1 thing; the need for separate tricycles for boys and girls. Particular attention was also paid to details such as distinctive bike handles, trim and colour. Colour usage too must be strictly distinguishable, one for boys and another for girls.

Luckily, Van Raam bicycles are available in nearly all RAL-colours so everyone can choose his or her favourite.  

Numerous other useful ideas were presented such as additional baskets/crates on the bike and gadgets like remote controlled bike locks. As a company, it’s always inspiring to hear what 300 students think about our products and their vision on what a tricycle should look like!

  • Tricycles for all ages Van Raam Easy Go
  • Tricycles for all ages Van Raam Easy Sport
  • Tricycles for all ages Van Raam Maxi
  • Tricycles for all ages Van Raam school project
  • Tricycles for all ages Van Raam School project trike moodboards
  • Tricycles for all ages Visiting Van Raam
  • Tricycles for all ages Van Raam presenting school project
  • Tricycles for all ages Van Raam students trike project

Tricycles for seniors and the elderly

Van Raam also had the pleasure of having seniors from the KBO (Katholieke Bond van Ouderen) from Aalten over for a visit. This Catholic union for the elderly is an association for senior citizens aged 50 and above.

An amiable and engaged group, they took a tour of the Van Raam factory and had their turn trying out different bikes and tricycles. At this age, the Easy Go scooter trike is a perfect fit with its electric functions allowing you to stay mobile even without pedalling!

Tricycles for all ages Van Raam

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