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City lowered walking aid Van Raam

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City lowered walking aid Van Raam

The City walking aid is besides the regular version also available with a 25 centimeter frame size. This walking aid is suitable for small adults and children who have a difficulty walking or have problems while standing for longer periods of time.

Why choose a lowered walking aid?

The lowered walking aid is intended for children and small adults who have a difficulty walking. The frame of the lowered walking aid is 25 cm. This is lower than the regular frame size (47 cm.)

The body weight is carried by the saddle of the walking aid which relieves the hips, knees and ankles. Walking takes much less effort allowing you to cover longer distances. The Van Raam walking aid has a very low step through, it is not necessary to lift your leg very high before sitting down.


City walking aid and lowered walking aid
Left: Regular walking aid, right: lowered walking aid


  • Compact size
  • Relieving joints
  • Easily foldable/ easy to take with you
  • Walking causes less difficulties
  • Agile
  • Extra low step through

Standard features

Every lowered walking aid is provided with several standard features. A stable standard, which provides an easy way of getting on and off of your bike. A quick release saddle pen, allowing you to secure the saddle. Handbrake intended to fix the walking aid when stepping up. The lowered walking aid is also finished with environmentally friendly paint and has Five year guarantee on the frame.

City lowered walking aid

Accessories and options lowered walking aid

Various accessories and options are available for the City walking aid, such as such as a basket on front for easy carrying and keeping your belongings in view. It is also possible to choose a ergogel saddle or a children saddle. In addition it is possibly to provides the lowered walking aid with a quick release with a quick release on the handlebars. For all the available options for this bike, see our configurator or the pricelist of the City walking aid. You can also find ‘frame size 25 cm.’ on the pricelist.

Configure your bike

lowered walking aid for kids

Schedule a test ride on a lowered walking aid

Do you want to try the lowered walking aid? It is possible to make a test ride at Van Raam in the showroom. At some dealers it is also possible to take a test ride. Please contact a dealer near you

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