Adaptive bicycle and trailer in Canada


Adaptive bicycle and trailer in Canada

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Adaptive bicycle and trailer in Canada

From Annie Tredray, a physiotherapist in Canada, we received a very nice mail with a beautiful picture of the Fun2Go Tandem Companion Cycle with the FunTrain trailer in Canada.

Adaptive bicycle Fun2Go with FunTrain arrive in Banff, Canada

This message we got from Annie about the Fun2Go and FunTrain in Canada: 
" Hi, The bike arrived safely in 2 huge crates on July 7th. We charged the battery immediately and started riding! The next day the local newspaper came to the hospital, along with all the sponsors and there was huge excitement! (see article below.) Since then, we have been riding the bike almost daily, testing it out on our terrain with some very disabled seniors in our Long Term Care facility. They absolutely love it…and so do we!   Best, Annie." 

Adaptive bicycle and trailer in Canada

With new mobility bike step closer to keeping local seniors on the right path to lifelong physical activity and wellness 

A one-of-a-kind adaptive bicycle (Fun2Go) and trailer (FunTrain) was showcased at Banff Mineral Springs Hospital after arriving from Varsseveld (Van Raam), Netherlands. The Fun2Go Tandem Companion Cycle and attachable two-seater FunTrain trailer is designed specially for seniors to stay active and enjoy cycling in a safe and social environment.  

Fundraising and partnership for special needs bike.

Annie Treday, Banff Mineral Springs physiotherapist, personally oversaw a fundraising and partnership campaign to purchase the adaptive bike. The main question was: ‘How can we help seniors to have more fun?’ With the Fun2Go and FunTrain this is a start getting people outside, getting their legs working and getting their lungs working improves health.  

About the Fun2Go tandem and FunTrain trailer.

The bicycle is built by a Dutch company, Van Raam, which customizes and builds special needs bikes for adults and children. 
What kind of bike is the Fun2Go + Funtrain ? 

  • The Fun2Go is a side-by-side, two-seater bicyclepossible with adaptable seats that swivel for ease of loading and are easily adjustable for personalized comfort and safety.

  • The FunTrain trailer attaches tot the Fun2Go and also seats two people side-by-side.          

  • With The Fun2Go + FunTrain a total of three passengers and an attendant (therapist, caregiver of volunteer) can ride together at once. The attendant is able to control the steering, brakes, gears and electric assist.          

  • The adaptive pedals and high handle bars (with bells) ensure a comfortable and secure ride, with the option to lock the pedals for those who wih to rest their legs and just enjoy the ride.

Fun2Go + FunTrain bike trailer

Annie about the Fun2Go + FunTrain:  
Did you seat the back lift seat? It’s a swivel that turns 90 degrees for wheelchair accessibility,” said Tredray, pleased with the functionality offered by the bike for those with mobility issues. “It’s very comfortable, I’ve ridden on it and it’s very solid, no sense of tipping with this.”  

Seniors stay active with and get outside riding the adaptive bicycle Fun2Go + FunTrain

According to the Pauw Foundation, collaboration between Banff Mineral Springs Hospital in Canada (Covenant Health) and the Town of Banff will manage the scheduling, programming, use, storage and maintenance of the bicycle and trailer. The goal is to ensure that as many seniors as possible have access to use the bike, whether for leisure, rehabilitation, or prescribed physical therapy rides. Immediately, the bike will be put to the test with residents in Banff Mineral Springs’ Long Term Care, and acute care patients and, as soon as possible, prescribed bike rides.

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