5 benefits of the Van Raam Maxi Comfort tricycle low and wide entry


5 benefits of the Maxi Comfort tricycle from Van Raam

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5 benefits of the Van Raam Maxi Comfort tricycle low and wide entry

The Maxi Comfort is a tricycle for adults from Van Raam with a low step trough. Read more about the benefits of the Maxi Comfort in this article.

5 benefits of the Maxi Comfort tricycle from Van Raam

Maxi Comfort tricycle

The Maxi Comfort is a variant of the traditional tricycles from Van Raam. The Maxi Comfort has an extra low entry and a different seating position. Read more about these and other benefits of this bike:

1. Tricycle with low step trough

The Maxi Comfort tricycle is characterized by its low step trough. This makes getting on easier. You do this by first stepping over the frame with one leg. Then you can pull the bike under you, or sit directly on the saddle. Thanks to the unique frame of the Maxi comfort, you can always put both feet on the ground. In the article 'How do you get on a tricycle easy', watch the video demonstrating the best way to get on a tricycle.

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5 benefits of the Van Raam Maxi Comfort tricycle low and wide entry

2. Ergonomic sitting position with forward pedal movement

On this tricycle you do not sit above the pedal axle, but slightly behind it. This allows you to make an optimal knee movement and yet sit a little lower. The forward pedal movement allows you to put more power into cycling. The seating position also has the benefit of relieving stress on the back, shoulders, neck and wrists due to the ergonomic sitting position.

5 benefits of the Maxi Comfort tricycle low and wide entry ergonomic seating

3. Semi-high sitting position provides good overview

Traditional tricycles have two wheels at the back, one wheel at the front and a high seating position above the bottom bracket. Because the saddle of the Maxi Comfort is just behind the crankshaft, this bike has a semi-high seating position. As with traditional tricycles, this seating position gives you a good overview of the road and surroundings.

5 benefits of the Van Raam Maxi Comfort tricycle high sitting position

4. Available in different frame sizes

The Van Raam Maxi Comfort is optionally available in three frame sizes. This makes the tricycle suitable for both smaller and larger adults. In determining a frame size, it is important to look at your inner leg length. Read the article 'Inner leg length for adapted Van Raam bikes' to find out how to measure your inner leg length.

5 benefits of the Van Raam Maxi Comfort tricycle multiple frame sizes

5. Tricycle with pedal assistance

The Maxi Comfort can optionally be equipped with pedal assistance. Van Raam has developed a pedal assistance system especially for adapted bikes. The Silent system is easy to use and makes cycling easier. See below for some of the benefits of the pedal assistance system.

  • Three different assistance modes
  • Starting aid
  • Almost noiseless but very powerful electric motors
  • Extremely high quality and safe batteries
  • Individually programmable assistance adapted to the disability
  • Winner of the ExtraEnergy test for years
  • Cycling forwards and backwards with pedal assistance

All electric bikes from Van Raam are Smart E-bikes. This means that they are connected to the internet (IoT connected) and that you can view information about your bike on the free Van Raam app on your phone. This app can be downloaded from the app store of your smartphone and can be used as a luxury bicycle computer.

5 benefits of the Maxi Comfort tricycle pedal assist

Configure your own Maxi Comfort

Did you know that in the online configurator you can put together your own Maxi Comfort? By choosing different options and accessories you can create a Maxi Comfort to suit your needs. All selected options are immediately visible in the configurator in the overview on the page. You can also see immediately what the chosen configuration would cost. Read more about the configurator in the article 'Put together your own Van Raam bike with the bike configurator'.

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Make a test ride

Would you like to experience the benefits of the Maxi Comfort tricycle for yourself? You can! Make an appointment at Van Raam in Varsseveld or inform about the possibilities at your local Van Raam dealer.

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