Why choose an adult walking bike?

An adult walking bike is suitable for people who have difficulty walking or have problems standing for long periods of time. It is therefore a good alternative to a rollator or wheelchair. Read in this article 5 reasons to choose a walking bike.

Why choose a van raam city walking bike for adults

5 reasons to choose a walking bike

There are various aids available for people who have trouble walking or who experience problems when they stand for too long. In this article we give you 5 reasons to choose for a walking bike, for example the Van Raam City walking bike.

why choose a van raam city walking bike for adults low step trough

1. Staying mobile longer

On a walking bike you stay mobile longer. The body weight is carried by the bike, which makes walking less of an effort. Getting on is easy and safe because of the low step trough and the handbrake which fixes the walking aid when getting on. Is a wheelchair not yet necessary and does a walker not have your preference? With the Van Raam City, you can walk longer distances again.

2. Relieves the joints

Because the body weight is carried by the saddle, the back, hips, knees and ankles are relieved. This makes it possible for people with joint pain to walk longer distances. Walking takes less effort.

why choose a van raam city walking bike for adults easy to take with you

3. Easy to take with you

The City walking bike of Van Raam is lightweight and foldable. This makes the balance bike easy to take with you by car, but also in public transport.

4. Enormous maneuverability

Due to the compact size and the two small sturdy wheels the The City is very maneuverable. The turning circle is many times smaller than for example a walker or wheelchair. The walking bike for adults can therefore also be used on narrow roads and in stores. The walking bike is allowed in many stores.

why choose a van raam city walking bike for adults multiple options possible

5. Multiple options possible

The City walking bike can be completely customized using additional options. In the online configurator you can for example choose a saddle that you find the most comfortable. All chosen options are immediately visible with corresponding costs in the overview at the bottom of the page.

The most popular options for the City are:

  • Detachable basket on the handlebars
  • Quick-release lever to easily adjust the handlebars
  • Reinforced version (up to 150 kg)
  • Ergogel seat
  • Various frame sizes available



City walking bike for adults

The Van Raam City is a walking bike for adults. View the price list, photos, product videos and specifications of the City on the product page.

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Customer reviews

Are you curious how others experienced the City walking bike for adults? Read below some customer experiences:

City Walking aid

"I have kidney cancer. Because the tumors are also in my legs, it's quite difficult to walk. With the City walking aid I can walk independently again."

Ton van de Nieuwenhuijzen - Delft

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City Walking aid

"Luzia from Rüschlikon near Zurich has had the City walking aid for one and a half years and is very enthusiastic about it. Through training, she has largely got rid of her back and knee pain. "

Luzia Rueschlikon - Zürich

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City Walking aid

" I have MS but can still walk well. Still, I was curious about aids that can ensure that I can walk even further. For this reason I have tested the City walking aid."

Jackie Zimmerman - USA

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