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Wheels Cycling Centre use Van Raam special needs bikes.

Our English Dealer in special needs bikes, Ashfield special needs Ltd, wrote a nice article about the Wheels Cycling Centre in Scotland, at their website.  

Wheels cycling centre pleased with special needs bikes Van Raam

The Wheels Cycling Centre works with Ashfield and uses Van Raam bikes. The Wheels Cycling Centre call’s the recent collaboration with Ashfield Special Needs a "revolution" and they are very pleased with our Van Raam bikes. "Ashfield Special needs introduced us to the fantastic range of high quality products from van Raam and we were blown away". They hope that everybody can enjoy the Van Raam experience.

You can read the whole article below:

cycling group special needs bikes

Video VeloPlus, bike for wheelchair users

Below you can see a video which features Scottish Politician/Minister of Sport Jamie Hepburn and some Van Raam bikes, like the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike. A specialized bike for wheelchair users to enjoy a bicycle ride whilst still remaining in their own chair. You can use this bike without lifting of handling problems.