Warranty regulations Van Raam bicycles

This article contains information about the CE marking and warranty conditions of all Van Raam custom bikes.   


The warranty covers all product defects where the cause is proven to be related to a material or manufacturing fault.

We provide a 5-year warranty on the frame and front fork. For all accessories and other components, with the exception of worn parts, a 2-year warranty period is administered. Warranty is solely applied based on normal bicycle usage and maintenance as described in the user manual.  

CE marking Van Raam bicycles

The conformity certificate can be found on each bicycle page under the Price/Documentats tab on our website www.vanraam.com 

Voidance of warranty and CE marking

The warranty and CE marking are considered void when adjustments or changes are made using parts other than those authorised by Van Raam, or when the original construction is subject to changes made without the consent of Van Raam.

Take special note of pedal support power assistance systems  that are not factory-fitted. Pedal power assistance units manufactured by Van Raam contain the Van Raam logo on the Silent battery and specialised features such as reversing with activated pedal support power assistance.

Warning: The absence of a CE marking may lead to issues when insuring your bike.

Note: Both warranty and product liability become void if the instructions are not adhered to as stated in the user manual. This can be found on every bicycle page under the Price/Documents tab.