Van Raam City as an alternative to the Alinker walking bike

The Alinker is a walking bike with three wheels. Van Raam has a good alternative for this mobility bike. Read more about the City walking bike here and check out the benefits.

Van Raam City walking bike as an alternative to the Alinker walking bike
The Van Raam City walking bike

Walking bike Alinker alternative

The Alinker walking bike and the Van Raam City walking bike have the same purpose and offer largely the same benefits. You choose a walking bike if a wheelchair or mobility scooter is not (yet) necessary. With a walking bike, walking takes less effort, allowing you to cover longer distances. Your weight is carried by the walking bike, so your leg joints are relieved. A walking bike has no pedals like a regular bike, it is therefore also called a walking aid or mobility bike.

The Van Raam City walking bike is a good alternative to the Alinker walking bike. The City, unlike the Alinker mobility bike, has 2 wheels, making it more compact and very maneuverable. The City walking bike is also made to order, so it is always possible to adjust it to your personal needs.

Differences and technical specifications of the different walking bikes

Alinker bike

Number of wheels: 3 
12 kg
Colour: Yellow
Availability: Can be ordered online
Sizes: Small, Medium and Large
Maximum load capacity: 120 kg
Foldable? Yes
Price: See the Alinker website for the current price

Van Raam City

Number of wheels: 2 
9 kg
Colour: Various RAL colours possible
Availability: Available at Van Raam dealers worldwide
Sizes: Standard frame (47 cm) or smaller frame (25 cm)
Maximum load capacity: 100 kg and with a reinforced frame up to 150 kg
Foldable? Yes
Price: Depends on your chosen options, see the price list on the product page

Alternative Alinker walking bike The Van Raam City walking bike

Van Raam City walking bike

The Van Raam City walking bike is specially designed for people who have problems walking or have difficulty standing for long periods. You can cover longer distances with the City. Your back, hips, knees and ankles are relieved, because your body weight is carried by the saddle.

The City is very manoeuvrable and has a compact size, so you can easily take it with you in your car or on public transport. Furthermore, this walking bike is foldable and has two small, sturdy wheels. 

Benefits of the City:

  • Relieves your joints

  • Low entry level

  • Compact and light weight

  • Available with various options

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Van Raam City walking bike with options reinforced frame - alternative for Alinker walking bike
The reinforced City walking bike

Popular options for the City walking bike

The Van Raam City walking bike is, in contrast to the Alinker bike, available with many options. All possible options can be found in the price list on the product page of the City. See the most popular options below:

Van Raam City walking bike put together - as an alternative to the Alinker walking bike

Put together your own City

Van Raam gives you the opportunity to put together your own walking bike. With the online configurator you can put together a walking bike that fully meets your needs in a few steps. You can choose the frame, the colour and if you want extra options.

Once you have assembled the City walking bike according to your wishes, you can see exactly how much your unique Van Raam bike will cost. You will receive a unique configuration code, which you can use to view the configuration at any time or to continue editing it. You can send the configuration by e-mail to your Van Raam dealer or take a printed copy to your dealer.

Put together a City

Customer experiences City walking bike

Would you like to know what the City walking bike is like? Click here for some customer experiences.

City Walking aid

" I have MS but can still walk well. Still, I was curious about aids that can ensure that I can walk even further. For this reason I have tested the City walking aid."

Jackie Zimmerman - USA

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City Walking aid

"My name is Ronald and I use the City walking aid almost every day. A tumor has caused fractures in my ankle and walking became very painful for me. The walking aid is the solution."

Ronald Hummelink - Eibergen

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City Walking aid

"Luzia from Rüschlikon near Zurich has had the City walking aid for one and a half years and is very enthusiastic about it. Through training, she has largely got rid of her back and knee pain. "

Luzia Rueschlikon - Zürich

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