Unique riding characteristics of the Maxi Comfort tricycle

The Maxi Comfort is a low step through tricycle for adults from Van Raam. This tricycle has several unique riding characteristics. Discover them in this article.

Unique riding characteristics of the Van Raam Maxi Comfort

The Maxi Comfort is a tricycle with 1 wheel at the front and 2 wheels at the back. This provides more stability while cycling than two-wheel bikes, which is an important advantage for people with balance problems.

unique riding characteristics maxi comfort tricycle with low step trough

1. Low step through

The Maxi Comfort is a variation on Van Raam's traditional tricycle. Thanks to its unique frame, the tricycle has an extra low and wide step through. This makes getting on and off the tricycle very easy. Because of the unique frame of the Maxi Comfort, you sit just behind the crankshaft. The seating position is therefore slightly lower, allowing you to keep both feet on the ground and still make an optimal knee movement. In addition, you can use more power while pedaling.

unique riding characteristics maxi comfort tricycle with low step trough ergonomic sitting position

2. Ergonomic sitting position

The unique frame also provides an ergonomic seating position whereby back, shoulders, mind and wrists are less stressed. The lower seating position ensures that the center of gravity is lower, which makes cycling more comfortable.

3. Good overview

The Maxi Comfort has a semi-high sitting position. This gives you a good overview of traffic and surroundings, which contributes to a safe bike ride.  

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unique riding characteristics van raam maxi comfort tricycle pedal assist

4. Pedal assist possible

It is possible to equip the Maxi Comfort tricycle with pedal assistance. Van Raam has developed its own pedal assistance system for its adapted bicycles: the Silent System. This system has 3 levels of support and a start assist. Other advantages of the Silent System are:

  • Easy to use
  • Noiseless, yet very powerful motors.
  • High-quality and safe batteries
  • Individually programmable pedal support for your needs
  • ExtraEnergy test winner 
  • Forward and backward pedalling support (not possible with a backpedal brake)

All electric bikes from Van Raam are Smart E-bikes. This means that they are connected to the internet (IoT connected) and that you can view information about your bike on the Van Raam app on your phone. This app can be downloaded for free from the app store of your smartphone and can be used as a luxury bicycle computer.

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Customer experience Maxi Comfort tricycle

Curious how others experience the Maxi Comfort? Then read a customer experience below:

Maxi Comfort tricycle

"I used to cycle on a normal e-bike, but I couldn't get on and off anymore. This made me feel insecure and I hadn't cycled in a while, so my husband and I went in search of a special needs bike."

Gerda Feteris - Gelselaar

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