Unique riding characteristics of the City walking aid

Van Raam's City is a walking aid that supports walking and prolonged standing. Read and watch in this article the unique characteristics of the walking aid, such as its maneuverability and low entry.

4 unique riding characteristics of the Van Raam City

The City walking aid is designed for people who have difficulty walking or have problems standing too long. It is a good alternative for people who do not want a walker, or a wheelchair is not necessary.
Read here the 4 unique riding characteristics of the City walking aid:

van raam city walking aid relieves the joints

1. Relieves the joints

Because you support your body weight on the saddle of the City walking aid, the hips, knees and ankles are relieved. This makes it possible to stand longer, or walk longer distances, than before.

van raam city walking aid is foldable and easy to carry

2. Foldable and lightweight

The City is lightweight and foldable. You fold the City by opening the lock on the side of the walking aid with a key. Then you open the clamp, allowing you to fold the rear wheel inside. When folded, the walking aid is easy to take with you in the car or on public transport. Watch the product video of the City to see how the walking aid is folded and how it is used.

unique riding feature low entry city walking aid van raam

3. Low entry

The walking aid has a low entry, so you can get on the City without lifting your leg high. The stable standard makes getting on and off even easier.

van raam city walking aid is very maneuverable

4. Maneuverable

The compact size and the two small sturdy wheels make the City very maneuverable. Because the walking aid has one wheel at the front, the turning circle is small. This is a big difference with for example a rollator. Read more about the differences between a walking aid and a rollator in the article 'Walking bike instead of a rollator'.

City walking aid from Van Raam

Find all information about the City walking aid on the product page. On this page you can find photos, specifications, videos and documentation of the City. 

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Customer experiences of the Van Raam City

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City Walking aid

"My name is Ronald and I use the City walking aid almost every day. A tumor has caused fractures in my ankle and walking became very painful for me. The walking aid is the solution."

Ronald Hummelink - Eibergen

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City Walking aid

"What is the City walking aid a fantastic help! He can even walk on the mudflats, if you stay on the hard surface."

Marion Bartels - The Wadden Sea

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City Walking aid

"My walking support is my buddy. I use this walking bicycle, better said, this walking support with my every move inside my house daily. A big advantage of this bicycle is its maneuverability."

José van Rosmalen - Capelle aan den IJssel

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