Testing adapted bikes on the Van Raam bike test track

At our bicycle factory in Varsseveld it is possible to try all adapted bicycles from the Van Raam assortment during a free test ride. To help our customers getting to know our adapted bicycles in the best and safe way, Van Raam has designed a bike test track with various traffic obstacles on which customers (together with a technical adviser) learn to get used to cycling on an adapted bicycle. Read more about the design of this bike test track in this article.

Van Raam adapted bike test track-photo with drone from the air
Drone images of the Van Raam bike test track

Formation of the Van Raam bike test track

The bicycle test track was created based on the wishes of our Sales department and the Research & Development department. Both departments use the test track for different purposes. For example, the Sales department uses this bike test track during test rides with customers and the Research & Development department uses the test track for various cycle tests.

Testing a special needs bike during a test drive on the Van Raam test track

Curious about what a free test drive on the test track at Van Raam looks like? Then watch the video below.

Realistic traffic obstacles

With the design of the Van Raam bike test track, various traffic obstacles have been taken into account that also occur regularly in daily life. By trying these traffic obstacles first in a safe environment (the bicycle test track), we hope to defuse the tension of the bicycle user. In addition, the end user already knows better how he / she can deal with different traffic obstacles, before the bicycle is first used in traffic.

Traffic obstacles that you see on the Van Raam bike test track include a speed bump, a quarter bend that is difficult to overlook, a winding cycle path, a shell path and manhole covers on the road. In addition, it is also possible to cycle up and down the curb on the test track and a driveway construction has been simulated.

Because the first time cycling on an adapted bicycle can be very exciting for some people, our bike test track is designed in such a way that you can also cycle a round without encountering any obstacles.

Did you quickly get used to the bike Then it is also possible to take up the challenge and cycle up a larger slope on the test track. This slope has two different angles, one of 6 and one of 10 degrees. This corresponds to the mobility scooter standard. People who have to cycle up or down a slope at home can test how this is going with the bike they are trying.

Van Raam bike test track - testing adapted bikes
Overview bike test track Van Raam
speed bump Van Raam bike test track
curb at Van Raam adapted bike test track
quarter bend that is difficult to overlook at Van Raam bike test track

Bike tests on the Van Raam bike test track

In addition to the fact that it is nice for customers in our showroom to experience various traffic obstacles on an adapted bicycle, the test track also has many advantages for the Research & Development department. Because the R&D department knows exactly the dimensions of the test track and has them digitally, they can define test laps here in a clear way. This way the same test can be performed with different configurations. It is also possible to cycle on the bicycle track with sensors (strain gauges) and to measure forces in this way. In addition, with the test track you can compare the steering behavior of bicycles and the suspension can be properly assessed by the different surfaces and speed bumps.

Finally, the bike test track is suitable for testing the dynamic stability and the Electrical department can easily test the pedal support on the test track.

Van Raam bike test track track for testing adapted bicycles
The online design of the Van Raam bike test track
Make a free test ride on a Van Raam adapted bike

Testing a Van Raam adapted bike

Would you like to take a free test ride with one of our adapted bikes after reading this article? You can make an appointment for a free rest ride at Van Raam. Not able to come to Varsseveld, the Netherlands. If you contact one of our dealers, you can ask them if there is the possibility to try out a Van Raam bicycle.

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