King Charles and Camilla on Van Raam Fun2Go twin bike

King Charles and his wife Camilla visited Northern Ireland on March 22, 2022. During this visit they also took a ride on the Van Raam Fun2Go twin bike.

prince charles and camilla on van raam fun2go twin bike
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Ride on Fun2Go at social enterprise

Former prince Charles and Camilla started their visit in Cookstown where they stopped by the Superstars Cafe. This is a social enterprise where young people with learning disabilities receive training and work. During this visit they also took a ride on Van Raam's Fun2Go side-by-side tandem. The couple did not know that the parking brake of the twin bike was still fixed, which created a funny moment.

Video: King Charles and Camilla on the Fun2Go twin bike

Watch the video below from the The Royal Family Channel on YouTube. From 0.51 seconds you can see King Charles and Camilla on the Van Raam Fun2Go twin bike.

Superstars Cafe for people with learning disabilities

The royal couple undertook several activities at the Superstars Cafe. In addition to a short bike ride on the Fun2Go, they also helped make an apple pie and did some gardening. Chairwoman and founder May McAvoy tells The Journal that King Charles was very interested in the institution and did his best to meet as many people as possible.

Visit to Northern Ireland

Former prince Charles and Camilla visited Northern Ireland in honor of Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee. In addition to their visit to the Superstars Cafe, they also visited some entrepreneurs and a hedgehog sanctuary in Cookstown, among other things.

Dutch King cycles on side-by-side tandem with founder from the Fietsmaatjes foundation

King Willem Alexander preceded King Charles on the Fun2Go

King Charles is not the first royal on a Van Raam Fun2Go. During a visit to the foundation Fietsmaatjes in Warmond, Dutch King Willem-Alexander made a ride on the side-by-side tandem. King Willem-Alexander made a ride on the Fun2Go together with Jan Burgmeijer (initiator of the foundation) and Johan Waanders (at that time 95-years-old Fietsmaatje).
Read here the article with video 'Dutch King cycles on Van Raam side-by-side tandem Fun2Go'.

van raam fun2go side by side tandem prince charles and camilla

Van Raam Fun2Go side-by-side tandem

The Fun2Go is a three-wheel tandem on which you sit side by side. Because you are sitting next to each other, you can easily communicate with each other and enjoy the surroundings together. The driver has full control over the bike and the passenger can optionally pedal along. Because of this, the bike is perfect for people who can not (or no longer) participate in traffic individually.

Benefits of the bike:

  • Good visibility and communication by sitting next to each other
  • Passenger can come along if they can sit (pedalling along is not necessary)
  • Easy to operate with small turning radius
  • One person is steering, both can pedal
  • Comfortable and adjustable seats with backrest

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