New tricycle for adults: Maxi Comfort

From March 2013 Van Raam has a new tricycle for adults in the range, the Maxi Comfort. The Maxi Comfort is a modern designed tricycle with an easy step through and a lower seating  position.

The unique designed frame causes  a more forward pedalling position. The lower seating position enables you to step up with both feet on the ground, and move the saddle underneath you. The special frame construction creates an ergonomic sitting position; wrists, shoulders and neck are hardly burdened while cycling. Read more about this unique frame in the article: 'A Van Raam bike or trike with a low entry'.

Because the gravity point is somewhat lowered, cycling becomes more easy and comfortable. The Maxi Comfort can be equipped with an electric motor to create a Pedelec.

There are several batteries available. On this bike you can choose two 25 amp hour batteries that provide a very wide range. In addition there are many other options and accessories to complete the cycle. The bike is also available with a smaller and larger frame.
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