New photos special needs tricycles for kids

Van Raam trikes for children

At Van Raam we have a very wide choice of special needs tricycles in different sizes and for all ages. For example for the toddlers  we have the cheerful Husky and for the pre-school and older children we have the colorful Mini and the tough Easy Rider Junior tricycle.   

Recently we made new photos of all Van Raam bikes including the tricycles for kids. 

Husky three wheel bike

This colorful tricycle is specially designed for young children (aged 2 years) who have difficulties with stability. The tricycle can be equipped with many options such as foot fixation, as shown in the picture below. You can read more about this cheerful, light-running tricycle at the Husky page

Mini tricycle

This tricycle for kids with cheerful colors is for kids from about 4 years who have difficulties with stability. With various options, such as an electric motor, foot fixation and backrest the bike you wish will be made. See more photos and read all the information on the Mini page.

Easy Rider Junior tricycle

This tough tricycle is suitable for children from  4 years old with balance problems or other limitations that make riding on a bike with two wheels impossible.

This sturdy and smooth tricycle with a low step through has a seating with backrest and therefore, gives more support than a cycle with a regular saddle. The frame has a suspension for optimal comfort. The comfortable forward pedaling position makes the cycle sporty. The Easy Rider Junior is available with various options, such as a direction indicator set, arm rests, foot fixation and an electric engine for power assist.

On the pictures you can see an apple green Easy Rider Junior tricycle with 8 speed freewheel, mechanic disc brakes and Silent electric motor.

Please note: the name Easy Rider Junior has been changed to Easy Rider Small since 2023. Read all information about the Easy Rider Small on the Easy Rider Small page.

Pictures of the photo shoot with the Van Raam tricycles for kids

During the photo shoot, the young models (Frederieke, Wiep, Lauren, Berend and Rozemarijn) traveled many kilometers on the Van Raam bikes.



Video with Van Raam childrens-tricycles

See the video below with more pictures of the photo shoot with the Van Raam tricycles for children.