Instruction video City Walking Aid for adults

For adults who have difficulty walking (long distances) or who have pain when they have to stand for a long time, Van Raam has a useful walking aid in its product range. The City Walking aid, is a walking aid and can, for example, be used instead of a rollator. In this article we will introduce you to this useful tool by showing you a video.

City walking aid product video

The City walking aid is an agile walking bike for adults who have difficulty walking or standing for a long time. By using this walking bike, your body weight is carried by the saddle, which relieves joints and makes walking very smooth.
Watch the video below to see how the City Walking aid works. In the video we will show you the following:

  • How you can fold and unfold the walking aid
  • How you can set the saddle at the right height
  • How you can take things with you by adding the (optional) removable basket.
  • How you can move forward by walking
  • How you can take this small and light tool with you in the car when it's folded.

Note: in the video, the strengthened version is used. This walking aid has, among other things, spoked wheels and is suitable for loads up to 150 kg. The standard walking aid is suitable for people up to 100 kg

User experiences of the City walking aid

Have you become enthusiastic about this tool after watching the video and do you want to know what others think of this walking bike? Then read a couple of walking aid user experiences below.

City Walking aid

" I have MS but can still walk well. Still, I was curious about aids that can ensure that I can walk even further. For this reason I have tested the City walking aid."

Jackie Zimmerman - USA

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City Walking aid

"What is the City walking aid a fantastic help! He can even walk on the mudflats, if you stay on the hard surface."

Marion Bartels - The Wadden Sea

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City Walking aid

"My name is Ronald and I use the City walking aid almost every day. A tumor has caused fractures in my ankle and walking became very painful for me. The walking aid is the solution."

Ronald Hummelink - Eibergen

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City Walking aid

"My walking support is my buddy. I use this walking bicycle, better said, this walking support with my every move inside my house daily. A big advantage of this bicycle is its maneuverability."

José van Rosmalen - Capelle aan den IJssel

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Van Raam instruction videos

An instructional video has been made of almost all Van Raam bicycles to show how a certain bicycle works. Watch all product videos on the Van Raam YouTube channel.

Walking aid for adults

Every Van Raam bicycle has been made customised

Just like all other Van Raam bikes, you can put together the City walking aid according to your wishes. You can choose your own colour (from the range of available colours) and customise the bike by adding options and accessories. All possibilities are mentioned in the price list of the Walking Aid (to be found on the City Walking Aid product page under the tab price/documentation). You can also use the configuration module to create your own City Walking Aid.

Want to make a test ride with the Walking Aid?

Would you like to try out the City Walking Aid yourself?  Use the planning tool to schedule an appointment in our showroom in Varsseveld.

Just like all other Van Raam bicycles, you can customize the City Walking Aid. You can choose your own color and make the bike just the way you want it by adding options and accessories. All possibilities are mentioned in the price list of the walking aid (to be found on the Walking aid City page at the tab price/documentation). You can also compose your own City Walking aid via the configuration module.

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