Funtrain: bike train for safe cycling with 4 people

Now available at Van Raam:  the Funtrain. This Funtrain trailer for the Fun2Go double rider tandem creates a bike train for 4 people. The Funtrain is an automatic, hydraulically braked bike trailer that can be connected  behind an existing or new Fun2Go tandem bike.  In this way an attendant can cycle safely with three co-drivers/passengers  or with only one co-driver/passenger on the Fun2Go itself. 

Bike train

Funtrain: bike train

A tow bar is simply fitted on the existing Fun2Go. The Funtrain has a safety coupling that can not come of with an automatic hydraulic overrun brake. The driver of the Fun2Go in front has 100% control over the Funtrain and Fun2Go. He controls the whole bike train. If the driver brakes, he also brakes automatically the rear trailer/ Funtrain. Also downhill the four disc brakes and the front brake have more than adequate braking power. By the optional switchable disengagement system you can determine individually per passenger if and how the passengers cycle with you.

The driver is the only one who controls the steering and brakes, all 4 riders can cycle along. An attendant can safely and easily cycle with three passengers. The Funtrain  has a folding support wheel and parking brake to move the bike trailer easily.   

The Funtrain is also available with all options as the Fun2Go, with the exception of pedal support on the trailer itself. Pedal support is of course possible on the Fun2Go in the front. So it is also easy to cycle with less condition or under extreme conditions. For this use Van Raam has an extra strong Silent HT motor. It is also possible to build a Funtrain from an existing Fun2Go. 

Fun2Go Funtrain