Colouring pages with Van Raam special needs bikes

Do you like colouring? Then this is for you! In order to avoid boredom at home, Van Raam made colouring pages with our special needs bikes on them. Read more in this article.

Colouring with Van Raam

You have to sit inside a lot these days, and you’re not allowed to go anywhere. To help you not to get bored, Van Raam has made four colouring pages for you. With these colouring pages, it is possible to colour in a few special needs bikes from the Van Raam range. Now you have the change to colour in the rickshaw bike Chat, the Easy Rider tricycle and two versions of the Fun2Go side-by-side tandem the way you want!

The Van Raam colouring pages

Below, you will find the 4 Van Raam’s colouring pages. Click on the button below to download the colouring page. Then, print it at your home, make your page and share your creation with us!

Van Raam Easy Rider colouring page

Easy Rider colouring page

Colouring page Easy Rider
Van Raam Chat colouring page

Colouring page Chat

Colouring page Chat
Van Raam Fun2Go colouring page from above

Colouring page Fun2Go 1

Colouring page Fun2Go 1
Van Raam Fun2Go colouring page

Colouring page Fun2Go 2

Colouring page Fun2Go 2
Van Raam kleurplaat actie winnaar Easy Rider kleurplaat
Van Raam kleurplaat actie winnaar Fun2Go kleurplaat
Van Raam colouring page contest winner Chat colouring page
Van Raam colouring page win a price

Share your most beautiful creation and win!

Please note that it is no longer possible to take part in this contest.

Have fun and be creative: you can colour the colouring pages with markers, colouring pencils, chalk, crayons and so on. Let your creativity run wild! Do you or your kids like colouring? The colouring pages are for everyone.

What can you win?

As soon as you have shared a photo of your colouring page at the Facebook post of the same bike on Facebook, you have a change to win free tickets to De Hoge Veluwe National Park and a ball or a jump rope! In this way, even though you have to stay home as much as possible, you remain active! 

Attention: Hoge Veluwe National Park is currently applies various measures in relation with the coronavirus.

Winners Van Raam colouring page contest

Is your colouring page listed above? Congratulations! Then you've won one of the prizes! Please contact us via with the mention 'Van Raam colouring page action' or send us a message via Facebook.

Van Raam special needs bikes

Do you want to learn more about the bikes you are colouring or which you have already coloured? View them below and click on the button below the image to go to the product page of the bike in question.

Colouring page Van Raam tricycle Easy Rider

Easy Rider

Read everything about the tricycle for adults, the Easy Rider.

Easy Rider
Colouring page Van Raam Fun2Go side-by-side tandem


Click on the button and discover everything about the Fun2Go side-by-side tandem.

Colouring page Van Raam rickshaw bike Chat


Discover more on the product page about the rickshaw bike Chat.